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Dr. Nassif Reveals How You Can Prevent The Effects Of Stress & Bad Habits On Your Skin

If you typically have good skin but get stressed out sometimes & indulge in bad habits once in a while, they can have negative effects on your skin & Dr. Paul Nassif shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can prevent damage.

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Paul Nassif
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Dr. Paul Nassif, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Beverly Hills, as well as star of the hit Bravo show, Botched, and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, about protecting your skin. Dr. Nassif just launched his very own skincare line, as|if by Nassif, which is a collection of products that fix your problems quickly. Created for people with typically good skin, but experience the effects of stress and bad habits from time to time, Dr. Nassif shared what causes the effects. “One of the worst bad habits is not cleansing and going to sleep with makeup, dirt, and oil, on the skin. Another bad habit is not moisturizing or protecting skin during the day. Over-exposure to sun, smoking, and alcohol are all detrimental to healthy, radiant skin,” Dr. Nassif revealed.

To correct or prevent these effects, Dr. Nassif suggests, “Our cleanser is also a mask and exfoliator that can help correct the effects of bad habits. Use it twice daily and start seeing a difference immediately. Then, use as a mask twice to three times a week to help draw impurities from clogged pores, dissolve excess oil, and slough dry, old cells that dull skin. It’s really amazing how the difference is visible. Your skin looks clearer, has an evener tone, and is brighter.” One concern that many people in their late 20s face is surprisingly acne. For those who have had good skin most of their lives and suddenly have acne in their 20s, it can be seriously frustrating. The reason for this, Dr. Nassif admits, “There are a variety of reasons that can cause acne, from hormonal issues to stress. A dermatologist can diagnose the condition. I can tell you it’s important to keep skin cleansed and free of oil, and doing so without over-drying or irritating the skin.” He also addressed how you can treat this concern, “Our Skin Refining Essence helps purify skin and discourage oil and bacteria that can cause breakouts. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory extracts also help protect and calm skin.”

Now that we’re transitioning from summer to fall, you may be wondering if your skincare routine should change. However, Dr. Nassif cleared the air, saying, “If you live in a climate that’s the same all year round, then you really don’t need to make changes. Continue with three steps twice a day – cleanse, purify, moisturize. If your skin has been over-exposed to summer sun then you definitely need to start religiously moisturizing twice a day. For people who live through wind and cold weather, the remedy is to protect skin from the elements by using a moisturizer that hydrates skin and contains antioxidant protection from the environment. The as|if moisturizer is a complete support system for skin in any weather, including Peptides and Botanical extracts.”

Dr. Nassif shared what exactly his new skincare line, as|if by Nassif, entails. “It’s a complete support system for skin, with potent formulas designed to produce quick results,” he said. “We believe every type of skin has three requirements – Cleansing, Purifying, and Moisturizing. The as|if regimen covers all three. The cleanser is a mask, exfoliator, and deep cleanser all in one. Our Skin Refining Essence purifies skin, fights breakouts, and helps reduce pore size, and the HydroCream Moisturizer hydrates and protects skin against the environment.”

As for why he chose to create a skincare line, he admitted, “I wanted to develop skincare that targets Get Z and Millennials, so they would start good skin habits early on. At the same time, as|if can be used at any age by both women and men. Everyone wants to care for their skin, but aren’t always sure what type of products they should use or whether the results will be worth their time. as|if by Nassif produces visible results quickly, and is simple to use, which is why our clients find it easy to stay with it.”