Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She’d ‘Be Happy’ If ‘KUWTK’ Ended: Kim Is ‘Evil’

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian's sisterly feud takes new heights in a trailer for the rest of Season 17 of 'KUWTK.' Their mom, Kris Jenner, begs the family to 'press a reset button' after comparing her daughters to the drama queens in 'Mean Girls.'

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All good things come to an end — except in Kourtney Kardashian’s case, things haven’t been so good. In a trailer for the rest of Season 17 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which dropped on Oct. 15, Khloe, 35, asks her eldest sister, “You would be happy if the show ended?” Kourtney, 40, is aloof in her response — and even smiles! “Yeah, who cares,” she says with a shrug.

Kourt’s nonchalant attitude towards the idea of her family’s claim to fame ending foreshadows more tensions that erupt this season. “It’s a Candy Land-themed party, it’s not gluten-free land,” a frustrated Kim, 38, tells Kourtney in another clip, referring to the joint birthday party the sisters threw for their daughters North West, 6, and Penelope Disick, 7, on June 15. Kim was taking a jab at her sister’s healthy lifestyle, which some may find too restrictive (she does partake in the keto diet from time to time, after all). To that, Kourtney vents, “Kim could be the fu**ing biggest evil person on the planet.”

The Kourtney vs. Kim feud doesn’t end there (does it ever?). In another scene, Kim exclaims, “We’re firing Kourtney. She’s out.” Kim doesn’t specify what she wants to “fire” Kourtney from, but the sisterly feud is no longer endearing for their mom Kris Jenner, 63 — none of the family fights are. “I feel like the really funny side of you guys outweighed the mean side,” the KarJenner matriarch says in the trailer, later adding, “And I feel like it’s gotten a little Mean Girls. As much as I love you, you fight a lot dirtier than you used to fight.”

The reference to the 2004 high school drama was spot on. We could imagine Regina George and The Plastics writing down the same insults in their “Burn Book” that the Kardashian sisters say, which you can hear in the rest of the trailer above. The shade is hardly new, however — it’s just amping up now. Earlier this season, Kourtney and Kim faced off after the latter suggested the Poosh founder is copying her style. Kourtney’s lack of interest in KUWTK also reflects Kim’s ongoing frustration with Kourt’s supposed apathy towards the family business. As Kris said, can we just hit the reset button?