Gwen Stefani Freaks When BF Blake Shelton Doesn’t Recognize Her Hit Song ‘Hollaback Girl’

Gwen Stefani had the most amazing reaction when Jimmy Fallon showed her video of her BF Blake Shelton's last 'Tonight Show' appearance where he didn't recognize her massive hit 'Hollaback Girl'

Gwen Stefani stopped by The Tonight Show on Sept. 23 to talk about her Las Vegas residency coming to an end. But host Jimmy Fallon used the opportunity to embarrass her boyfriend Blake Shelton by replaying video of his last appearance on his program were they played the “Name That Song” challenge. “That’s a hard game! But I did watch that, that was amazing,” Gwen said, seeming to know what was coming. “See, Blake, he didn’t know a song and he should have known it. You’ll see why,” Jimmy explained as they cut to video of Blake and Jimmy playing the game

As they stood across from each other the opening bars to Gwen’s massive 2004 hit “Hollaback Girl” came on. Jimmy figured it out right away and pressed the button, putting his hands to his forehead and laughing that the country crooner had no clue it was his girlfriend’s song. “All I know is Blake is in a lot of trouble right now,” Jimmy said as the 43-year-old looked over at the band and someone must have told him he botched knowing Gwen’s tune. He slinked over to sit on the side of the stage in embarrassment.

Then it cut to Jimmy telling Blake they could always edit that part out of the show and he responded, “I came to this show to promote my album and I am losing everything!” he joked. “Everything in my life.” Then it was back to Gwen who smiled and applauded, “Oh, my God,” she she squealed. “That is so funny. He should have known that one, but he’s country, he doesn’t listen to, like, [pop music].”

That much is true. After they started dating in 2015 Blake admitted that sometimes they’d be driving around and a song would come on the radio and he’d be like “Wow, this sounds like you,” and she’d tell him it was. Blake just didn’t grow up listening to No Doubt or her solo records and it’s obvious he still doesn’t know her song catalogue. That’s okay because Gwen recently admitted she had no idea who Blake was and didn’t even know he existed until she became a judge on The Voice alongside him 2014.

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