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Fitness Guru Denise Austin Reveals How To Get In ‘The Best Shape Of Your Life’ With A 30 Min Workout A Day

Denise Austin is a fitness icon & now she's back with a way to get you in the best shape fast!

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Denise Austin has been toning our arms and shaping our booties for years! Now, she’s back with a 10-Week Whole Body program to help women get in the best shape of their life, without the time constraints of working out for hours and hours! “It’s all about having energy!” The fitness guru explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Exercise is the quickest way to get energy and your goal is 30 minutes most days. So, 10 minutes in the morning, maybe 10 minutes go out for a lunch break and take a walk and then 10 minutes at night. You will feel great!” She also adds that this approach to health and fitness can help you stop the aging clock!

Denise continued to explain that women need to switch up their workouts to lose weight and maintain muscle. She suggested weight training, cardio and stretch. “Something strength training with toning, a little time on cardio to burn fat from the whole body and stretching for flexibility,” she recommended. A pioneer in VHS workouts and incredibly fit at 62, Denise revealed her own fitness routine, and added that she still indulges in wine and treats, and you can, too!

“I always squeeze in a workout no matter where I am, because even in a hotel room, in four feet of space you could get these things done. I do leg lifts, I do yoga stretches and I drink a lot of water and I do enjoy my treats!” Denise admitted. “I eat well 80% of the time and have my treats 20% of the time. And my 20% could be some nights a red wine. I eat well and I do believe in balance and I love food. So it’s really important that I do exercise so I can really feel good about myself!”

Be sure to visit Denise’s site, where you can watch her fitness videos and join her 10-week Whole Body Plan!