Lindsie Chrisley Confesses She’s ‘Disgusted’ & ‘Hurt’ By Her Dad Todd’s ‘Threats’ Amidst Feud

Lindsie Chrisley claims her father, Todd Chrisley, ‘threatened’ to release an alleged ‘sex tape' of her and she EXCLUSIVELY tells us just how ‘hurt,’ and 'frustrated’ she is with him.

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UPDATE (Aug. 20, 7pm ET): Following the publication of this story, Todd Chrisley’s lawyer released the following statement to HollywoodLife, “As I’ve said before, it’s heartbreaking that Lindsie feels the need to air her private issues in public. But whatever she says, she is still my daughter and Chase and Savannah’s sister. We have always loved her, we will always love her, and we are here for her.”

ORIGINAL STORY: One month before Chrisley Knows Best’s Todd Chrisley, 50, was indicted on federal tax evasion and wire fraud charges, his estranged daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, 29, accused him and her brother, Chase Chrisley, 23, of threatening to release her alleged “sex tape” unless she lied about an “incident.” Todd has denied these accusations, calling them “a complete lie.” And the back and forth has taken a toll on Lindsie. She and her legal representative, Musa Ghanayem, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about this painful feud, and what she legally plans to do next.

Hollywood Life: How are you coping with all of this?

Lindsie Chrisley: Honestly, I’m just taking everything day by day. I think the reality of everything kind of hit me over the weekend. It took a few days to process it, and now the reality is kind of sinking in. I have very mixed emotions.

When you say mixed emotions, can you elaborate?

LC: More than angry, I am just hurt. I’m disgusted. I’m frustrated. I don’t understand it. I think those are probably my main feelings.

Are you going to pursue a case against your father and your brother for harassment?

LC: I am going to say my piece and then let my legal pick it up from there. I have no desire to ever get them in trouble, to cause them any harm, or to do anything that would potentially affect them for life, for something to be on their record. However, I have to come back down to reality and realize that I have to learn to start protecting myself. And sometimes when you’re trying to protect yourself, you have to give it over to your legal team and allow them to move forward with whatever that may be.

Musa Ghanayem: When you call a lawyer, and you say, ‘hey, look, I don’t feel safe about something,’ that lawyer tells you ‘go call the cops and make a police report.’ The first thing they any good lawyer will tell you, ‘Don’t call me, call 911 if you don’t feel safe.’ So, the way that the legal profession works, and the way the prosecution is, once someone makes a complaint, it’s no longer in the hands of the individual, but rather in the hands of whatever jurisdiction.

As far as the sex tape claims, can you say anything on that?

MG: As far as the sex tape I don’t think a sex tape even exists. Lindsie, you said there’s no way anybody would have ever consented to a sex tape, so if somebody does have it then they did it without your knowledge, right?

LC: From my understanding, from [speaking with the authorities], I was told that the individuals that are participating would have to be the consenting parties and not the person that’s actually taking the video. No one has ever consented to make a sex tape, so if it were obtained in some way, it would have been done illegally without my knowledge.

What about the tax evasion and fraud charges against your dad, were you surprised by the charges? And if not, why?

LC: I was shocked by the indictment. I’ve never had any knowledge of anything that was listed [in the indictment], never even caught wind of anything like that or illegal activities. So, you know, I can’t speak on their behalf, but I have never had any knowledge of them doing anything illegal in that regard.

What is your plan? Are you going to be able to take a step back and relax or this ongoing for you right now to do so?

LC: My legal counsel has been responding to everything that has been put out — we’ve been on the receiving end. Every day it’s something new so unfortunately, I’m not relaxing at all right now. I don’t feel like that’s going to be in my immediate future. I’ve come to terms with that. I’m okay with that. To be honest, this has been threatened for a long time, and part of me feels a sense of relief because I can deal with these emotions the correct way. I know what I’m dealing with, and I can move forward with my life.

This interview has been edited for clarity. Furthermore, Lindsie’s lawyer shared the above tweets — posted by Todd. Todd doesn’t name names in the tweets, but Lindsie and her lawyer claim they were written about her.