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Jordan Verroi Reveals He Came Off ‘A Little Aggressive’ On ‘Summer House’ As He Dealt With Personal Issues

Jordan Verroi is getting real about his anxiety & responds to his haters in an exclusive interview with HL.

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Image Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Jordan Verroi has had an interesting time on his first season of Summer House, joining the beloved cast on the third season of their Hamptons-based show. The NYC-based entrepreneur opened up to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY about the ups and downs of the season, and why he thinks he’s been ‘misunderstood’ by his critics. “I think I was initially a little bit misunderstood because I am this southern Christian guy living up in New York, that’s so liberal and kind of opposite the way that I do live my life,” Jordan said. “I think you get to see that a little bit of me fighting with myself and wanting to live this lifestyle in the Hamptons that’s so far from my morals and values, and fighting with which way am I going to take that.”

Throughout the summer, Jordan tended to butt heads with some of his castmates, like Lindsay Hubbard, who found him to be a cocky womanizer, while his friend Hannah Berner tried to get to the bottom of his behavior. However, what some fans and even his housemates didn’t know was that Jordan was going through some personal struggles that hit close to home. “The way the summer played out, unfortunately, you guys don’t get to see the reason why I was stressed out so much — finding out that my dad had cancer and that my grandmother and my grandfather were sick. And I’m working on my business while I’m filming, Im worried about my family with cancer, and then coming back from the Hamptons to work during the week, it was a lot,” he admitted. “I think a lot of that was balled into a lot of issues that I had, performance issues, anxiety. I think a lot of the way that I reacted to situations was a little bit aggressive.”

Jordan continued, “Instead of taking my time to get to know everyone better, it was just like, here, I want to establish my dominance in the house with all of these type A personalities.” While he found himself being slammed online by Twitter trolls, and even being called “gay,” Jordan took it all in stride, saying it “made for an entertaining story.” “I’m confident in who I am. It’s not that I don’t care what other people think about me, because I do really care, but this is me. I’m going to live my life. I don’t fit in your box,” he declared. “I have no regrets.”