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Beth Chapman: Why She ‘Aired Her Frustrations’ With Stepdaughter, Lyssa, On Social Media

Things are tense between Beth Chapman and her stepdaughter, Lyssa, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE scoop about why Beth decided to make their feud public.

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Beth Chapman and her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, are going back and forth on social media. It all started when Beth accused Lyssa of not acknowledging her on Mother’s Day, then shunning her from her granddaughter’s graduation ceremony. “Beth felt that airing her frustrations on social media was the only way to get her message across to Lyssa,” an insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Family is the most important thing to Beth, so for her and [Lyssa’s father], Dog [The Bounty Hunter], to not be included in such a special occasion was heartbreaking.”

Since Beth is currently fighting a tough battle with cancer, being left out hit her even harder, according to our source. “All she ever wants is for her whole family to come together and be able to have as much time together as possible,” the insider said. “She realizes how precious life really is.” Fans called Beth out for making the feud with Lyssa so public, and she explained on Twitter that she felt she had no choice because “[Lyssa] doesn’t answer [her] calls and has [them] blocked.”

Beth and Lyssa’s relationship has been up and down for years. Back in 2017, Beth expressed how hurt she was when many of her kids didn’t come visit her after she had surgery to remove a tumor from her throat. She made the comments during a TV special that documented her cancer battle, and after it aired, Lyssa took to social media to post the cryptic message, “If God is pleased you can’t worry about who is it.” It was widely suspected that this post was directed toward Beth. Then, Lyssa directly addressed her decision not to be by Beth’s side so she could be with her kids, and said, “I stand by my decision stay with my family and not let the cancer eat away my home as well.”

The spat went back and forth for a while, but Beth and Lyssa eventually smoothed things over. “Now, things have fallen apart again,” another source told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Lyssa still has a lot of anger at Beth and Dog for things that happened when she was a child, and at the end of the day, it’s just so painful for everyone.”

After Beth’s most recent tweets, Lyssa defended herself on Twitter by posting a screenshot of the text she sent Beth on Mother’s Day, which read, “Happy mother’s day I love U grandma.” This was not sufficient enough for Beth, though, and she tweeted back, “Maddie texted grandma. You did nothing as usual. We don’t know when Abbie’s grad was , yes we would have been there! You’re not off the hook Lyssa you invite your parents regardless.”

Lyssa responded with one final message after that, then made it clear she wanted to take the fight off of social media. “I have your Mother’s Day text and other unanswered messages to you. I will tell you what I have told you before and that is – life is short, you should focus on the good things. I’m not going to battle with you ever again. If your intent was to hurt me or Abbie with lies, don’t worry. You didn’t. I’m so excited, happy and proud and there is nothing you can do to dull mine or Abbie’s shine. As we both know, you never intended to be home in Hawaii this week and I’m sorry you feel some type of way. You want to talk, you got my number.”