‘The Challenge’ Star Stephen Bear Breaks Silence On Rumor He Had A ‘Fling’ With Kylie Jenner

Stephen Bear is setting the record straight after his brother claimed the reality star had a secret fling with Kylie Jenner. 'The Challenge' str broke down exactly what happened in a new interview.

Sometimes a careless Instagram comment can start pretty wild rumors! Just ask U.K. reality star, Stephen Bear (“Bear”), who found himself making headlines after his brother outed him for having a ‘fling’ with Kylie Jenner. The whole mess started when Bear’s brother left an Instagram comment about The Challenge: War of the Worlds star’s breakup from his girlfriend, Ellie O’Donnell. “Listen, I flew to LA after his fling with @KylieJenner recently and told him straight in his hotel room to settle down,” Danny Bear wrote. “So please don’t lecture me on this subject. Ellie’s a nice girl an he realizes a happy, loving relationship can and does offer everything you can ever need from life. Some of us settle younger, some older, but ultimately, we were all young and foolish once, nobody’s perfect.”

Bear shared his side of the story during an interview with The Sun on April 16, and based on his telling of events, the ‘relationship’ between him and Kylie wasn’t exactly a fling. “When I was over in LA I did meet Kylie Jenner and we did party. Just party,” he said. “She was at one of the parties I went to. Just a party after a club.” He also clarified that he didn’t speak to Kylie directly, but added, “At a party I speak to every person in the room and when you’re in LA you meet the most amazing people –actors, actresses, sports people, and when I was going out to clubs out there I would get tables and people look over and when you’re sitting at a table, people invite you to cool places after” He concluded, “She was just there. I don’t know what the right or wrong thing is to say, really.”

Bear got his start on reality television as a contestant on U.K.’s Shipwrecked in 2011. He went onto appear on Ex on the Beach in 2015 and 2016, then won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. This year, he crossed over to American television on The Challenge, but was recently eliminated.

On the show, Bear was in a romantic relationship with fellow U.K. competitor,Georgia Harrison. However, during their time filming, it was revealed he also had an on/off girlfriend, Ellie, back home. Their romance was in limbo while he filmed War of the Worlds, but they have since broken up (seemingly for good).

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