Molly Sims’ Trainer Explains Her Top Secret To Flat Abs After Having 3 Kids — EXCLUSIVE

Molly Sims is 45 years old, with three kids, and looks better than ever! She's total inspo for all women out there, and now, her trainer is revealing how she stays in tip top shape only to!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Molly Sims has been training with DanceBody Founder, Katia Pryce, in the Hamptons this summer. Katia told EXCLUSIVELY, “When Molly is in town, she likes to train every day she can! She is super hardcore, and always makes time for her workouts — even with three young kids! It’s so inspiring.” Mother or not, you have to give it up for Molly’s flat abs! She looked amazing in a red bikini pic she posted on Instagram on August 5. She’s having the time of her life vacationing in Italy!

Katia told us, “Our entire workout is focused around targeting the abs since that is our specific focus — which is perfect, since literally every move in DanceBody generates from your core! We do a standing ab variation that includes resistance bands and balance to tone her stomach in unique (and challenging!) ways. When she does our dance cardio, she ALWAYS wears our weighted Dance Bands on her wrists to ensure her upper body is firing during every single movement — it delivers 2x the workout to dance with resistance!”

“Moms CAN get flat abs,” Katia ensures. “Actually, one of the best ways to see lines on your abs is to keep your fat content low, which means high intensity cardio is a MUST! Endless, mindless crunches don’t do much, honestly. Another thing I always check for in my post-natal moms is diastasis recti. No one talks enough about this! It’s the separation of the abs after childbirth, and if you dive back into your ab workout too hard afterwards, you can develop your ab muscles around this gap, instead of ensuring it comes together first. I’m passionate about making sure my moms are doing the RIGHT moves at the RIGHT time — abs after childbirth are tricky, but not impossible!”

“The best advice I have for moms wanting flat abs is high intensity cardio + working with a trainer who truly understands post-natal abs,” Katia says. “It makes a HUGE difference!”

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