Mac Miller ‘Heartbroken’ Over Rumors That Ariana Grande Is Dating Pete Davidson

Mac Miller is extremely upset that his ex Ariana Grande may be dating 'Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson and he's been having a very difficult time with their recent split. Get EXCLUSIVE details here!

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Mac Miller, 26, is not happy about the growing rumors that his recent ex Ariana Grande, 24, is dating SNL funny man, Pete Davidson, 24, and he’s having some serious doubts about the reason for their breakup. After reports that Pete broke up with his girlfriend, Cazzie, around the same time Ariana and Mac’s relationship fell apart, there’s been speculation that the “Love Me Harder” singer may have walked away from Mac to be with Pete. “Mac is heartbroken over the rumors that Ariana is dating Pete Davidson, it’s tearing him apart,” a source close to Mac EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. “Mac feels like he put everything into their relationship, and if Ariana was cheating on him then it’s like a serious slap in the face.” We can only imagine!

Although neither Ariana or Pete have confirmed any relationship yet, it’s understandable that Mac would be sad about the possibility since he and Ariana have only been apart for a couple of weeks. “Mac has really been struggling since their split, he loved Ariana with all his heart, and would have laid his life on the line for her,” the source continued. “If it does turn out to be true, and she is with Pete, it’s going to make Mac question everything he thought they had together, and if he ever really knew Ariana.” The former couple always looked so in love whenever they were together so their breakup came as a surprise to many.

Surprise or not, the split happened, and Mac’s emotional struggles with the whole ordeal may have been what led to his recent scary car accident and DUI arrest. The rapper admitted to drinking and driving before hitting a pole and fleeing the scene on foot with the two passengers who were in his vehicle on May 17. The crash was so intense that the pole was knocked almost all the way over and all the airbags in the vehicle were deployed but luckily it doesn’t seem like anyone was seriously injured. Mac was arrested before being put in jail but he checked out the next morning and we are now waiting to see what the next steps in the incident will be.

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