Brock Lesnar Taunts Bill Goldberg On ‘Monday Night Raw’ — Rematch In The Works?

Calling all WWE fans! Could we FINALLY be getting the Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg rematch we've been longing for? In an EPIC new video, Brock ferociously calls out Bill saying he's 'next' and the internet is freaking out! Watch his explosive message here!

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Brock Lesnar Bill Goldberg Rematch
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The WWE’s dream team, Paul Heyman, 50, and Brock Lesnar, 39, are giving us another reason to freak out, aside from their epic return to Monday Night Raw and Paul’s contract renewal August 1. In a “special message” addressed directly to Bill Goldberg, 49, during Raw, August 15,  the dynamic duo were seemingly promoting the organization’s newest video game, WWE 2K17, while calling out the semi-retired wrestler. This caused everyone to believe Bill will be making a return! Could this mean we will finally get a rematch between them?

The video opens with Paul doing what he does best, introducing his partner in crime, and then Brock, who is the cover star of the video game, says “Hey Bill, you’re next,” as Paul laughs. The video, which seems like a promotional commercial to pre-order the game, can still be found on Brock’s Twitter, but it has since been pulled from WWE’s account the last time we checked. The organization did however retweet the video from Brock’s account. It concludes with, “Pre-order and play as GOLDBERG.” WOW!

WWE’s 2016 SummerSlam is quickly approaching, airing August 21, and the internet is going wild over a possible throw-down in the ring between Brock and Bill! In fact, everyone is really believing the hype since Bill is apparently already set to make promo appearances at the event for the new video game, according to a report from Since he MAY be in town, does that mean there’s a really good chance we could possibly get an insane surprise from the highly anticipated summer show?


Another reason fans are freaking out about a possible rematch? — Bill’s short, but telling response to Brock’s “special message.” He replied on Twitter to the video, TWICE! First he said, “Keep dreaming kid….,” which kind of had us bummed.

BUT, then he tweeted a few hours later, “Good luck!” What does this all mean? Could he be wishing him good luck because he’s planning to make an appearance?

While we’re unsure if any rematch or appearance is officially set, it’s clear that there is a ton of hype around the idea of something epic. All we can do right now is hope that we will get to see these two settle it all in the ring come SummerSlam!

Brock is set to take on Randy Orton, 36, at the 2016 summer event, and it’s slated to be an insane match! You can catch all of the action on August 21 at 7 ET/4 PT on the WWE Network at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. We can’t wait to see what surprises the WWE has up their sleeve for us!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Bill will make a triumphant return? Would you want to see him take on Brock? Tell us in the comments below!