WWE: Lana Gets Slammed Into Giant Cake While Celebrating Wedding On ‘Raw’ — Watch

The WWE turned into 'Wedding Crashers' on Aug. 8, but not in Lana's favor! During the wrestling star's wedding celebration with her new hubby Rusev on 'Raw,' Roman Reigns crashed the party -- and crashed Lana into the cake. Watch a video of the crazy moment right here!

Everything started off as planned on Monday Night Raw, with Lana, 31, wearing a flowing wedding dress and Rusev, 30, in a suit vest and pants. But just as they were about to reenact their special day, Roman Reigns, 31, took the stage and totally threw everything off. Roman even threw some shade at the couple, including, “I’ve never had the opportunity to see a marriage between a Bulgarian Sasquatch and a mail-order bride.”

Of course Rusev wasn’t going to stand for this, and suddenly the men were in a brawl right in front of Lana. After Rusev pummeled Roman in a corner of the ring, Roman lunged at his opponent once again, but this time Lana was caught in the crossfire. Roman’s forceful shove on Rusev sent Lana face-first into one of the wedding cakes!

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This was no easy clean-up, either. Lana’s face didn’t just go into the huge cake, practically her whole head of hair (and her dress) did too! And to make matters worse, the icing was red — so Lana’s dress and hair were totally soiled!

“He must pay for this!” a raging Rusev exclaimed after the incident as his wife struggles to get cake out of her hair in the background. It certainly seemed like he wanted to take Roman down in the ring after Lana was pushed into the cake, and that’s exactly what is going to happen!

Although Rusev turned down Roman’s challenge to a fight at SummerSlam 2016, he was told that the only way to make Roman pay is to take him down at the Aug. 21 event in a match for the United States Championship. He didn’t look too happy about the idea, but Lana is confident her man will get the revenge that both of them are seeking after Roman ruined such a perfect day!

HollywoodLifers, do you think that Roman should’ve apologized for shoving Lana into the cake? Who do you think will win the SummerSlam match? Tell us below!

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