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Ariana Grande & Big Sean: His ‘Billion Dollar P***y’ Song Was Final Straw

Weeks of tension led up to Ariana Grande and Big Sean's split...but the last straw actually came down to one of the rapper's song lyrics! has the scoop on what finally pushed Ari over the edge. Big Sean, 27, may have been trying to praise his love, Ariana Grande, 21, in his song "Stay Down," but it turns out an inappropriate song lyric didn't resonate with the "Break Free" singer the way he planned. In fact, it's what eventually caused her to pull the plug on their relationship completely, according to a new report!

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Big Sean Ariana Grande Cause Of Break Up
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Big Sean, Ariana Grande Cause Of Break Up: His Song Lyrics

In “Stay Down,” the rapper gets pretty specific about his sex life with Ariana…and even discusses her lady parts!

“I ain’t even gonna lie / I got a million dollar chick / With a billion dollar p***y / Every time I c*m / I swear to God I feel like I be rich,” he sings on the track. Whoa!

Sean even told Rolling Stone that he didn’t have to run the song by Ari before releasing it, but maybe he should’ve, because it’s what actually caused her to want outs, TMZ reports.

According to the mag, Ariana didn’t like the lyric, and was especially humiliated when her grandmother asked her about it! But even though this was the final straw, tension had been mounting for weeks between the couple of eight months.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande: He Plans To Blast Her In Diss Song After Split

Things reportedly really started taking a turn for the worst in the beginning of February, when Sean was performing at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, and while he had a huge entourage of friends show up, his own girlfriend was nowhere in sight!

Even though Ari had to get ready for the Grammy’s the next day, Sean was still upset she didn’t even stop by, but now, TMZ reports that she was under strict orders from a vocal coach to not speak because her voice was strained. C’mon, Sean, you can’t blame her for that!

It was previously reported that Sean was also angry about that on stage PDA between Ari and Justin Bieber, 21, with the rapper claiming his girl set the entire thing up to humiliate him. Gasp! We never believed Ariana would do such a thing, and now, the site claims that the report was totally bogus, and that Sean never even brought up the performance as an issue.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande: He Secretly Didn’t Want To Break Up

Sean is the one who actually made the decision to end the couple’s relationship, but it was ultimately Ariana who made it official by not fighting to keep things going.

“Sean was expecting Ariana to put up a huge fuss and beg him to stay, but she did the opposite. He most likely would have stayed with her if she made an effort,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.

We bet Sean is definitely rethinking that song lyric now…

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Big Sean’s ‘billion dollar p—y’ lyric? Was it enough for Ariana to want to end things?

— Alyssa Norwin