Kailyn Lowry: Moving Out Of State With Son Didn’t Hurt Dad’s Custody

'Teen Mom 2' viewers saw Kailyn Lowry's court struggles to move out of state with her son, Isaac, and husband, Javi, begin on the show's Jan. 28 episode. She requested to move two hours away from her home state, which caused an ugly custody argument with her ex, Jo Rivera, and the saga still continues! Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera started their court hearings on the Jan. 28 episode of Teen Mom 2: the exes were fighting about Kailyn's decision to move out of Pennsylvania to be with her husband, Javi Marroquin, and their child together in Delaware -- which Jo initially blocked saying it would hurt his visitation with the four-year-old, Isaac. Kailyn took to Twitter during the show to explain her out-of-state move did not affect Isaac's relationship with his dad at all!

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Kailyn Lowry: Jo Rivera’s Custody Of Son Isaac Not Hurt By Move To Delaware

The Jan. 28 episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Kailyn stressing about to be with her husband Javi, with whom she was expecting another baby.

In order to do that, she needed to move about two hours away from her Pennsylvania hometown with Isaac to Delaware, where Javi was stationed. When she got ready to move away, her ex and Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera, took her to court because he was worried their custody agreement would be broken. Kail found it more than a little hypocritical considering he moved out of the state a few years ago! Kailyn assured fans that moving away from Pennsylvania would not mean Isaac would be too far away to see his dad regularly:

Kailyn Lowry’s Fans Criticize Move To Delaware

Some Teen Mom 2 fans criticized Kail’s decision to be with her husband and move to Delaware. Kailyn spoke out and explained that Isaac’s dad would still see him the same amount as he did before.

“It’s super annoying that everyone thinks I’m taking Isaac away from his father. If you know me, you know I would NEVER do that,” she shared on Twitter. “My mom did that to me. Jo moved out of state 2 years ago & that’s ok. But I want to move 2 hours away and I’m taking him away?”

Jo is worried that if Kailyn moves away now, she might move even further later, since her husband Javi is in the military. Kailyn’s argument in court was that custody will not change no matter where they move.

“CUSTODY would remain the same. Like you guys really don’t see the bigger picture,” she said. “Stay in PA as a single mom & see Jo weekends OR go to DE with my husband and new baby with Isaac STILL seeing Jo weekends?!? Open your eyes people.”

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Do you think Kailyn’s move will hurt Jo’s relationship with Isaac?

— Sabina Young

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