‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets An Abortion

After much anticipation, the moms of 'Teen Mom 2' returned for a brand new season of drama, tears, heartbreaking decisions. Get the full recap of the Season 5 premiere, right here. Jenelle Evans has gotten sober off of heroin, but she has developed a whole new slew of major issues: including unexpectedly getting pregnant again, and ditching two toxic relationships. She leans on her mom to help her make some hefty decisions, including getting an abortion and trying to get her life back on track.

Jenelle Evans Gets Abortion

Jenelle Evans Gets An Abortion

Jenelle has just ended her relationship with Courtland Rogers, who she married “on a whim” after ending things with boyfriend Kieffer Delp. During her attempts to get sober, she moved into her mom Barbara‘s house, where her son Jace lives. Jenelle reveals she regrets marrying Courtland and is mad at herself for not thinking things through with him, but then drops a major bombshell: she is pregnant with his baby, and regrets not making Courtland use a condom. Jenelle explains that it wouldn’t be fair to Jace to have another baby when she doesn’t even have custody of him, and she doesn’t have a job or a home of her own. She tells her friend she has made up her mind to have an abortion. Jenelle is happy that her mom is so supportive of her decision, and Babs even takes her to the clinic for the abortion. Jenelle is worried about how she will feel physically and emotionally after the abortion pill, but Babs assures her she will cope since she is making the decision on her own.

Jenelle blames her heroin addiction for losing track of her priorities, but reveals her goals are now to get back to school, get a job, and get back on birth control. She wants her son to see that she turned her life around.

Jace has started repeating his family’s curse words and Babs worries about him going to school and causing trouble — but mom and daughter both blame each other for his new vocabulary. Jenelle threatens to wash Jace’s mouth out with soap.

Jenelle blows up at her mom after she took her to the abortion clinic and paid for her procedure, causing Babs to feel that Jenelle was ungrateful and constantly only seeking her help and money without wanting to hear her thoughts or advice.

Kailyn Lowry Fights To Move Closer To Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin have a stressed relationship because they live in different states, 2 hours apart, while his Air Force station is in Delaware. Kail wants to move to be with him, but can’t take her son Isaac away from his dad Jo Rivera without his permission. Kailyn is pregnant again with Javi’s baby, and she is excited to celebrate her baby shower even with Javi away. “I never pictured myself with two kids by two different dads,” she admits, but is happy that she’s now married and in a better place. Javi brings Kailyn to tears when he makes a speech at her baby shower, revealing that he is truly blessed to have met Kail and he thanks her for bringing adorable Isaac into her life.

Kailyn and Jo work out court papers about Kailyn relocating to be with Javi, but Jo plans to fight the move so he can be closer to Isaac. Kail and Javi start making plans for their baby but hate that they can’t establish roots together until the court makes a decision about where Isaac can live. Kailyn thinks her efforts to have a “real family” with Javi will read stronger to a judge than Jo holding her back.

Leah Messer’s Daughter Ali Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy

After marrying Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer had another baby girl named Adalynn. In addition to the regular madness of raising three young daughters, Leah learns that her daughter Ali has a rare form muscular dystrophy, and she requires constant attention from her stressed parents. Leah reveals that as her daughter grows, it will become harder for her muscles to hold up her weight. Leah’s ex Corey Simms is getting married to his new love, Miranda, and Leah has accepted his relationship but hopes he is making the right decision for Ali and Aleeah. The twins are going to be in Corey’s wedding, and they’re excited to be back with their dad for a special weekend. Leah wishes Corey the best, and she seems to mean it.

Miranda is supportive of Corey’s daughters, and admits she loves her married life even though it’s not exactly traditional to jump into being a 23-year-old stepmom.

Chelsea Houska Wants Adam Lind Out Of Her Life Completely

Chelsea Houska explains that she stopped going to beauty school, since the last season, but she is starting a new aesthetician school with her friend and is optimistic for her future. Chelsea explains that her ex Adam Lind is dating a new girl, Taylor, and she is pregnant. She is worried that a new baby will further strain Adam’s relationship with their daughter, Aubree. Chelsea feels she is being dragged into their relationship and their new baby, and struggles to find the words to explain the idea of a “half-sibling” to Aubree. She wishes she could just rid Adam from her life completely, but he will always be there. Chelsea feels it’s unfair to Aubree that Adam might be in his new child’s life more than he was in Aubree’s, especially since he was in jail for most of Chelsea’s pregnancy. Adam tells Aubree she’s going to be a big sister, but Chelsea thinks it’s unfair to make it sound like Aubree’s going to see the baby all the time. Adam is fighting Chelsea for visitation rights, which Chelsea thinks is all for show now that he’s becoming a second-time dad.

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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