‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Evans Meets New Boyfriend On Dating App

The 'Teen Mom 2' stars face their most potentially life-changing stresses since the births of their children, including family court cases, resurfacing custody battles, and even possible jail time looming on the horizon. Check out the full recap of the Jan. 28 episode, here. Jenelle Evans was feeling down after having an abortion and going through legal drama, and she decided that to get over her loss, she would check out an online dating app. She got connected with Nathan Griffith, a guy that she raved to her mom " plays football, goes to college, works at a resort, and is an underwear model," and though she warned him not to get involved with him -- after all, she is still legally married to her ex Courtland Rogers -- she shrugs off those concerns and decides to meet up with him for the first time.

Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith
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Jenelle Evans Meets New Boyfriend On Online Dating App

Jenelle is confident that she made the right choice to get an abortion, but she’s not as sure about what’s going on with her pending court case. Her lawyer, Dustin, explains she’s on a pre-trial release for drug charges, and she has several months of stress ahead of her, including facing possible jail time — and not just a few days, either. Dustin advises her not to contact Courtland at all as her heroin case goes on. During the drama, Jenelle tries out a dating app and feels she has finally met a winner. Jenelle tells her friend that she’s always consistently had boyfriends to rely on since she was about 14 and she can’t handle being alone, especially since she doesn’t have custody of her son Jace, and she says wants a stable male figure in her family to be there for her. Jenelle meets Nathan, an ex-Marine, for the first time on a mini golf date, and they hit it off right away. When he asks her the most bizarre thing she’s ever done, she says “when I ran off to New Jersey,” because of drugs. She revealed her history of heroin use to Nathan, who opened up about a past of ecstasy use.

Chelsea Houska Starts Beauty School

Chelsea Houska starts aesthetician school, and feels more confident than ever that she’s taking the right steps for her future. Chelsea hopes to set an example for her daughter, Aubree, especially since she thinks her dad Adam Lind isn’t there for her. Meanwhile, Adam tells his new girlfriend Taylor that he’s serious about pursuing a court case about getting more custody of Aubree, convinced that he’s capable of making better life choices now that he’s older — and fresh out of jail. Chelsea is struggling to juggle school and her parenting of Aubree, and she finds that her little girl is acting out more and more, becoming uncooperative, which she thinks will only worsen when Adam’s girlfriend gives birth to his second child, further complicating the family structure.

Leah Messer Goes On Family Vaction

Leah Messer is taking the opportunity of her husband Jeremy Calvert being on leave from work as a chance for the family to go on vacation in Florida with their three daughters. Adalynn, Ali, and Aleeah. Jeremy gets a funny foreshadowing of his future of fatherhood when the girls change into bikinis to go to the pool and Aleeah stuffs her bra top. Leah tries to teach Ali to swim, and she’s heartbroken of how many more difficulties and fears she faces than her twin sister, Aleeah, due to her muscular dystrophy. Ali struggles the entire time the family is at an amusement park, and Leah fears that Aleeah acts out because Ali and Adalynn consistently demand more attention from their parents. Leah worries about the strain of raising her three girls when Jeremy is away for his work, a job she wishes he would change, and explains it’s tough to juggle so much on her own even though she understands her husband has to make the family’s living. Leah reveals to Jeremy that Ali’s joints are stiffening, and a biopsy test will confirm her exact form of muscular dystrophy, and hopefully give them some answers for her future.

Kailyn Lowry Fights Jo Rivera To Move Out Of State With Son Isaac

Kailyn Lowry takes her ex Jo Rivera to court to get permission to move with their son Isaac out of state with her husband Javi Marroquin. Kailyn worries that her temper — which always flares when Jo is around — will be used against her in the case. Kailyn’s already stressing her pregnancy and upcoming weddng plans, and Javi tries to keep her mind off the trial, which will determine if she’ll be able to leave her home state. Kailyn’s lawyer advises her to consider offering week-long visits with Jo and Isaac during the summer, which would help Isaac adjust to the custody switches. Jo’s lawyer tries to stress that because Javi is in the military and they may face may more moves around the country that will affect Isaac’s relationship with his dad. When Kail’s court case gets delayed again, she doesn’t know if she can handle the extra stress.

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