Miley Cyrus’ Racy VMA Performance: Rihanna, Drake & More Stars React

Miley's performance of 'We Can't Stop' at the VMAs on Aug. 25 was... interesting, to say the least. As the singer ramped up the raunchiness in a flesh-colored bikini, MTV's cameras caught some amazing reaction shots and many reacted strongly on Twitter! Miley Cyrus' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25 was certainly racy, as evidenced by the shocked looks plastered across the faces of Rihanna, Drake and more.

Miley Cyrus VMA Performance Reactions
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Miley Cyrus Stuns Everyone At The VMAs

Taylor Swift for one, definitely was not ready for all of Miley’s jelly. During the entire over-sexualized show, cameras caught Tay Tay in states of disbelief, at one point even snatching a friend’s drink to wash down her befuddlement.

The cameras also caught some celebs who hilariously didn’t seem to have any reactions at all. Drake kept his head down during the performance, perhaps unable to even watch the insanity that was happening in front of him. And when the camera panned over to Rihanna and Harry Styles, both singers’ faces were glazed over as if to say, “Um, what?”

And when asked about the performance backstage, Austin Mahone called it, “uh, pretty creative,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Miley Cyrus’ Raunchy VMA Performance: Stars React On Twitter

The reactions from stars who were watching from home were just as priceless — and some made it very clear that they were NOT fans of Miley’s twerkfest.

Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen tweeted, “Miley Cyrus made a lot of people pregnant tonight.” And Bethenny Frankel had a theory on why Miley’s tongue was sticking out so much: “Maybe @MileyCyrus tongue was wagging bc it’s National Dog Day today!!!!”

Real World: San Diego star Ashley Marie tweeted, “The faces of everyone during this Miley Cyrus performance are epic. I think people are actually frightened.”

WNBA superstar Candace Parker sounded as confused as the Smith family looked, tweeting, “Omg… I’m watchn VMA’s and ummm Miley Cyrus… Ummmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm #PoppedAMollyAndTwerked.”

But like we said, Miley had her fair share of critics. “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers,” Kelly Clarkson boldly tweeted.

“Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but she is very disgusting,” comedian Josh Malina also tweeted.

And Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe, got especially heated, writing, “Anyone who thinks Miley Cyrus needs intervention, retweet. That was not art. That was a cry for help-Shame on MTV and any who facilitate.” Harsh!

So yeah, Miley Cyrus is on another planet right now, and even the people who hate it have to admit that they can’t stop watching it.

What did you think about Miley’s VMA performance, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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