John Mayer’s Sexy Texts To Rihanna: Betraying Katy Perry — Report

Wow! A scandalous new report says that John betrayed his ex Katy by sending sexy messages to her BFF Rihanna, and he was 'begging her for a date.' John Mayer is back to his bad boy womanizing ways -- allegedly. Katy Perry and her former flame split up in March, and perhaps we now know why! Rihanna and Katy have been friends for years, and John was apparently trying to hook up with her! John has been "chasing her for years," and the worse thing is that Rihanna thinks he's "cute." Oh no!

John Mayer Sexy Texts Rihanna
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John Mayer: Sending Sexy Texts To Rihanna?

John, 35, has got his eye on Rihanna, 25. Just weeks after he and Katy, 28, split, John is hankering for a rebound romance with her BFF. I bet Chris Brown is thrilled about that!

“Rihanna was amazed when she heard from John,” a source tells OK!, “but deep down it didn’t surprise Rihanna because he has been chasing her for years.”

“His texts were very sexy, and he said that they should get together.”

How shocking! And apparently, “Katy knows John has chased RiRi in the past.”

John’s reputation is hardly whiter than white, but surely he would never betray Katy like this?

Rihanna Is Interested In John Mayer

Rihanna “thinks John is cute” says the source. She joked that he better start exercising “because he couldn’t keep up with her!”

“Rihanna may be tempted to invite John to a show and see what happens from there.”

Let’s hope not! This would totally devastate Katy, although now she has set her sights on Robert Pattinson, perhaps she won’t be so crushed!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think John and Rihanna were sexy texting?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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