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Kourtney Kardashian’s Prenatal Vitamins Are Nutritional & Beneficial

Kourtney Kardashian added a prenatal vitamin to Lemme's collection that's filled with many benefits.

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Just in time for the announcement of Kourtney Kardashian Barker‘s pregnancy in June 2023, she announced the launch of the newest addition to her brand Lemme — Lemme Mama, which is a prenatal multivitamin filled with plenty of beneficial ingredients for pregnant women. Kourtney knows the importance of taking care of your body during pregnancy, considering she has four children of her own, so she took matters into her own hands to create a product that will provide the best results.

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“You’ll never be more aware of your health and nutrition than around the time you’re trying for a baby. It’s why Lemme Mama is so deeply personal to me. We spent hundreds of hours with our medical team to leverage the latest scientific research to develop the gold standard prenatal multivitamin,” Kourtney Kardashian Barker shared. This vitamin promotes healthy fetal development and helps with your energy and nutrition — with folate, choline, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, and plenty of vitamins in just one capsule. This supplement isn’t just for during pregnancy, it can also help with fertility during conception, as well as help with post-partum symptoms and lactation.

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Also, the part every woman dreads about pregnancy — morning sickness — the Lemme Mama capsule contains well-absorbed nutrients that are gentle on the stomach and have been shown to benefit from morning sickness. It promotes the baby’s brain and spinal cord development. Professionals have also shared their opinions on the product. Functional nutritionist Leona West shared, “Lemme Mama is the pinnacle of prenatal care. This formula is not just a supplement; it’s the Most Clean, Active, and Gentle Prenatal Available, carefully crafted to deliver every key nutrient for pregnancy in their most bioavailable forms.”