Be Anything From Carole Baskin To Harley Quinn & Everything In-Between With This Pro Halloween Makeup Kit

Looking to save money this Halloween? Grab this DIY Halloween makeup kit for just $21, which comes with every color you need to transform into any character or animal!

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You can be anything you want this Halloween with CCBeauty’s professional face paint kit! With 12 colors — black, brown, yellow, green, pink, navy blue, pastel blue, red, coral, white, metallic silver, and metallic gold — you can create dozens of Halloween makeup looks, if not more. Best of all, the kit comes with six wooden brushes to apply the paint. The entire package is only $21 on Amazon!

Get CCBeauty’s professional face paint kit here for only $21!

The paint is oil-based, meaning it won’t dry immediately upon contact (which is ideal, in case you need to make a quick adjustment). This also makes the application extra smooth. Just lock in the finished look with setting powder when you’re done!

DIY Halloween Makeup

Unlike normal paint (which we would NOT recommend applying on your skin), these face paints are specially designed to be used for cosmetic reasons and are non-toxic. They’re also not tested on animals — there’ll be no cruel irony as you create your cat Halloween makeup look with this cruelty-free kit.

Halloween face paint

Unleash your creativity with this face paint kit! We’ve got some Halloween makeup ideas for you, too: if you’re aiming for scary Halloween makeup, you can use the black and white paints to turn your face into a skull. Or, you can transform into another type of the living dead by taking the kit’s white paint and applying it all over your face, and then going in with the gray paint around the hollows of your eyes and cheeks. Add a few “wounds” with the red face paint, and boom — you’re a zombie!

For ideas on the more whimsical and less terrifying side, use the blue shades to turn into Violet Beauregarde once she transforms into a blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Or, you can poke fun at the “Is It A Cake?” meme, and use the rainbow shades in the kit to paint a slice of cake right onto your face. After you’re done, take the white and black paints to create a zipper around the slice, thus making your insides look like they’re literally made of cake (that should surely win you creativity points at your work’s virtual Halloween costume contest).

Halloween face paint

You can also take advantage of these face paints to turn yourself into a modern pop culture reference — no expensive costume required! Harley Quinn fans can use white face paint to recreate the DC Comics character’s clown-inspired beauty look, and use the pink and blue paints to add her signature eye looks. Complete your Birds of Prey costume by painting a black heart on the upper corner of your cheek! You and your friends can also take our skull painting advice (mentioned above) to recreate the skeleton fight scene in The Karate Kid — we also have DIY Halloween costume ideas for the Cobra Kai spin-off show.

If you’re in a rush, there’s always the option of the classic cat Halloween makeup look. Just use the black face paint to create whiskers, put a dab of pink on the nose, and you can call yourselves one of the big cats that make cameos in the Netflix docu-series Tiger King and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” music video! If you’re not a cat person, not to worry; we’ve also put together guides on how to transform into Carole Baskin from Tiger King, and how to dress up like Cardi and Megan themselves in the “WAP” visuals.

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