Dolly Parton Only Needs These $8 Makeup Remover Pads to Achieve Glowing Skin

Dolly Parton's go-to makeup remover is only $8 and promises to remove all makeup, oil, and dirt from the day.

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There are so many skincare and beauty products out there, but Dolly Parton likes to keep it simple. To take her makeup off at night, she uses the Almay Makeup Remover Pads, which ensures to remove all the dirt, oil, makeup, and more from your skin in just a few swipes. The pads are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist-tested, and made from 100% biodegradable fibers. Even better, they’re currently 22% off and you can get them for under $10.

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“I try all the new things that come out, but there’s nothing better than good old Vaseline and those Almay eye makeup remover pads. I use those little pads to clean my face and it leaves enough mineral oil on my skin that it’s a good nighttime moisturizer. I have pretty good skin considering my age, and I think a lot of it is mineral oil and bacon grease,” Dolly joked with Into The Gloss. So, you get to remove all your makeup and no rinsing is necessary — it’s as easy as that.

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The Almay makeup remover pads are gentle yet effective, so you won’t have to worry about irritating your eye or the area around it. There are over 8,000 reviews for this product on Amazon — so Dolly’s not the only one who loves these makeup remover pads. “These are the best makeup removers on the market for people who wear contacts… These leave behind no residue, smell fresh and are really easy to keep moist in the container without them drying out,” one reviewer shared. Another said, “These are my absolute favorite makeup pad removers. This removes waterproof and non-waterproof mascara really easy. It’s my definite go-to and I would recommend it to anybody.”