Keep Your Hair Clippers Running Smooth With the Top Hair Clipper Oil in 2022

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Everyone has a desire to look groomed and elegant, which is impossible without a relevant tool that works smoothly and offers effortless grooming. For the majority of people, a tool that they utilize the most for this purpose is a clipper, whether it is a hair clipper, beard trimmer, or a versatile all-rounder clipper. Keep your hair clippers in top shape with the best hair clipper oil in 2022.

Just like any vital tool, the clippers also require a specific amount of care. Therefore, we will explain the process of clipper maintenance in this guide. A functional hair clipper can make a world of difference between an attractive cut and a mediocre look. However, clipper blades do tend to rust, especially as constant use of the machine makes them dull. 

These dulled edges of the blade can corrode, making it dangerous to use the clipper as any cuts or nicks will subsequently get infected. With our detailed buying guide, you can learn how to properly oil hair clippers and what kinds of oils to use. We also help you understand what substances would make a terrible substitute for clipper oil if you ever run out. 

So let’s dive in!

Our Picks of the Hottest Hair Clipper Oils of 2022

Evo Dyne Hair Clipper Oil  —  Best Overall

The first product on our list is the Evo Dyne Hair Clipper oil which is the top oil for electrical hair clippers. The brand uses a special oil formula to rejuvenate dull clipper blades. The design of the bottle helps in the application via the nozzle. It ensures the oil coats the blades without using excessive amounts of the product. 

This amazing oil reduces the friction of the blade which helps protect the skin from boils or irritation when used for close cuts. It is slightly thinner than most oils but it guarantees protection of the blade against rust and corrosion. 


  • Proprietary formula rejuvenates dull clipper blades
  • Easy application nozzle
  • Reduces friction during use to protect skin
  • Prolongs the life of the clipper blades


  • Can be less viscous than most clipper oils

Wahl Hair Clipper Oil  —  Top Safety

The Wahl Hair Clipper Lubricating Oil is specifically designed to protect Wahl blades and clippers against rust and corrosion. However, it can also be used on other blades and sharp grooming objects. It only takes a couple of drops to coat the entire blade and can easily be applied via the nozzle. 

The oil helps improve the performance of the blades and makes sure that cuts achieved through them are precise. It also helps prolong the life of the blade as it reduces friction with the skin and hair. This means your blade will stay sharper for longer. 


  • Prevents rust from forming on the blades
  • Helps keep the blades sharp by reducing friction
  • Uses only a couple of drops every time
  • Easy application nozzle


  • It is easy to over oil the blades with this nozzle

Oster Hair Clipper Oil  —  Professional Quality

The Oster Premium Blade Lube is recommended for professional use of clippers and trimmers. This product meets the FDA’s purity standards, making it safe to use in a variety of situations. The applicator makes it easy to apply, even on moving blades. The oil coats the blades evenly and does not transfer to the hair or skin. 

Therefore, the product is ideal for quick grooming. This lube helps prolong the blade’s life and can encourage better performance. Make sure to use between every few haircuts. 


  • Ideal lubricant for clippers, blades, and trimmers
  • The product meets FDA purity standards
  • You can apply the oil even when the blades are moving
  • Helps prolong the blade’s life


  • The lid can be loose sometimes

Andis Hair Clipper Oil  —  Best Rust Prevention

When it comes to clipper oils, leakage and lost caps are common problems that many people face. The Andis Clipper Oil introduces a new feature that sets it apart. This oil has a resealable lid that makes sure the chances of leakage are minimized. 

A resealable lid makes it easier to carry the product as well, ensuring mobility. This oil protects the blades against rust and corrosion and can be used for most hair clipper brands. Make sure to keep the blades protected by using the product often.


  • Resealable bottle to prevent unwanted spills
  • Colorless and odorless to make clipping pleasant
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Can be used on any type of clipper blade


  • The resealable lid can be hard to close

Syprin Hair Clipper Oil  —  Editor’s Pick

The last product and also the editor’s pick on our list is the Syprin Premium Clipper Oil. It is a product that works well with most skin types and does not cause boils or irritation. It can be used for any type of hair grooming device for men and women, especially clippers. 

The fragrance of the oil makes it a pleasure to use and does not transfer onto the skin or hair either. It prolongs the life of the blade by keeping it sharp and protecting it against rust and corrosion. 


  • It is a skin-friendly product minimizing irritation
  • Can be used for male and female clippers
  • Good fragrance makes the oil bearable
  • Prolongs the life of the blade


  • The bottle is very small

Buying Guide: Hair Clipper Oil

You must have noticed a tiny tube or bottle of oil that comes along with beard trimmers and hair clippers. In case you have never made use of this tube, it is high time to start using it. It's crucial to know the method of oiling clippers so that your investment does not go to waste.

The Method of Oiling Hair Clippers

Similar to a vehicle, even hair clippers demand usual servicing. This allows them to function properly. Therefore, just like you take your car for an oil change, you should offer your clippers a fresh coat of oil on a frequent basis.

It is worth considering that if the hair clippers are not oiled well, they will become blunt way earlier than you know it. Then, it will become too difficult to use them.

So, let's go over some critical steps that will guide you through the clipper oiling process.

Step 1

Prior to the application of the clipper lubricating oil, the blade needs to be cleaned perfectly. There is no use of oiling if the blade is messy or hairy.

Hence, it would be ideal for you to spray a cleaner on the hair clipper and then utilize the brush that came with your clipper to clean the surface of the blades. You should also wipe it with a towel if needed.

Step 2

Generally, a lot of individuals tend to make the terrible mistake of not turning on the hair clippers prior to applying the oil. You should never forget this step. Irrespective of the quality of the clipper lubricating oil, it can only penetrate when the machine is turned on.

Therefore, to make sure that the oil penetrates deeply into the blades, you should apply the oil in the center of the blade rather than on the top and sides.

Step 3

Typically, experts suggest running the clipper for 20 seconds maximum. This will enable a complete penetration of the oil prior to turning the clipper off.

If you want to spot excess oil, it is critical to wipe it off by using a towel. If this step is skipped, it will cling to the pet's or your hair and make a mess.

Things to Look for in a Hair Clipper Oil

Hair clipper oils often use the same formula with only a slight change of ingredients. Hence it is futile to look for ingredients specifically; rather, we should aim to focus on other aspects of the product. Some important things are:


The packaging of the hair clipper oil needs to be convenient and well made. You do not want the oil to leak as it can easily stain clothes and surfaces. These oils usually come in the form of bottles hence the cap should fit well and the bottle should be easy to hold.


Application is another important thing to take into consideration. Most hair clipper oil bottles have elongated nozzles to aid with the application of the oil onto the blades. You should opt for a product that has a thin nozzle that can easily get into small places. Never attempt to spread out hair clipper oil with your finger, use a cotton swab instead.

Purpose of use

Some blade clipper oils have multiple uses that make them very convenient for the owner. In some cases, the blade oil can be used to clean screens as well. It can also be used to oil other grooming tools such as dual-blade razors or nail cutters. Therefore, choose an oil that works on most treated metals so you can make the most of it.

Why is it Important to Invest in Hair Clipper Lubricating Oils?

Investing in hair clipper oils  is important for the following reasons:

  • The hair clippers increase in efficiency if they are oiled regularly.
  • The continuous usage of hair clipper lubricating oil reduces the friction between the blades, which is the biggest cause of the object’s short life.
  • Some groomers use the oil for honing, pre-soaking, and sharpening clipper blades. This makes the tasks very simple.
  • It can save tons of time.
  • Lastly, properly oiled hair clipper blades tend to rust or corrode much slower due to the protective layer on the top.

The Oils that Should Be Avoided at All Times

Do not give attention to any tips, hacks, or tricks that recommend employing any of the heavy viscosity oils. Below are some of the high viscosity lubricants or oils to always avoid and never apply on clippers:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • WD-40
  • Pure olive oil
  • Other heavy lubricants or oils

High viscosity oils are highly dangerous for tools as they immediately make the clipper dysfunctional. This category of oils is manufactured for big mechanical devices instead of small machine parts, such as clippers or trimmers. Always utilize thin and light oils, or particularly, clipper specialized oils, and stay away from other thicker alternatives.

A Pro Tip

If there's a clipper that hasn't been utilized in a long time, make sure to lubricate it properly before using it. With the passage of time, there remains no lubrication. This can lead to an accident. 


This brings us to the end of our guide on oiling the hair clipper to extend its lifetime and optimum performance. It might appear to be a hassle, but it is an important step for boosting the longevity and safety of the device. Following a cleaning method will guarantee a gratifying clipping experience each time you utilize the tool.

Now that you know the oiling method, and which oils to avoid, you are perfectly prepared for a superb maintenance routine for getting the best trim or haircut.