The Best Men’s Denim Jeans for a Cool, Classic Look

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The one pair of pants that you need to have in your wardrobe is a classic pair of denim jeans. These pants will never go out of style, so it’s worth taking the time to find a pair you love. They are extremely versatile, as you can pair them with a short-sleeved t-shirt in the summer, or a sweater and jacket in the winter. If you feel that you can never put together a cohesive outfit, just add a pair of jeans to your closet and watch how your life changes: you will no longer have trouble creating a stylish look. Another benefit of jeans, besides their timelessness and versatility, is their durability. If you invest in a high-quality pair of jeans from the get-go, they will last you for many, many years. So, if you want to spice up your wardrobe with a new pair of pants, we have put together some of the leading men's denim jeans of 2022.

The Finest Men's Denim Jean in 2022

Levi's Men's 505 Jean  —  Top Pick

This pair of jeans will make you look simple yet stylish wherever you go. Its straight cut from top to bottom gives the pants a balanced look. They sit right at your waist, allowing you to wear your shirt tucked in or untucked. Like any other jeans, they have a zipper and button closure that ensures you don't have to keep adjusting them while wearing them.

These denim jeans are made of 100% cotton, which is a breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable in all seasons. Although they are not super stretchable, they will fit nicely on your body thanks to their roomy shape. All you need to do is order the accurate size for you, and you are good to go.


  • Thin and comfortable fabric makes them easy to wear
  • Straight and balanced cut for a casual look
  • Extra room around the thighs for an excellent fit
  • Five pockets for storing essential items


  • Not very stretchable so choosing size carefully is necessary

Wrangler Fit Jeans  —  Best for Cowboys

While the brand name has already got your attention, let’s discuss all the luxury features these jeans have to offer you. This product has everything that cowboys look for in a pair of pants: high back pockets, an extra roomy seat, and round rivets. Don't be surprised if the pants feel sturdier than other jeans because they are made like this. Whether you are working on a ranch or riding on a tough road, they will support you in every situation. They are made of heavyweight and thick cotton fabric and are reinforced with copper rivets that extend the pants’ life.

They are sewn with five different pockets—one watch pocket, two front scoop pockets, and two back patch pockets. The back pockets are high on the butt so that they prevent looking saggy and keep you comfortable during your craziest rides (or day-to-day activities.) The jeans also have 16 ¾ inches wide leg openings that let you wear boots under the jeans.


  • Features wide leg openings that fit over boots
  • Has flat-fell seams to prevent chafing
  • Heavyweight denim fabric keeps them sturdy for robust use
  • The wide gap between the front belt loops for wearing western-style belts


  • Don’t suit formal occasions

Haggar Denim  —  Most Comfortable

"Jeans aren’t comfortable to wear all day" — this pair of denim jeans is enough to bust this myth. The jeans are made of 100% pure cotton that offers breathability to your skin and stretchability to maximize your flexibility. The elastic hidden waistband is an add-on to keep them light on your hips. Therefore, this product guarantees easy movement and comfort for all body types. You can wear these pants for the entire day without any complaints. Its high-quality fabric is also sure to keep wrinkles at bay, so you don’t have to iron it.

Additionally, the Haggar denim jeans have pleats in the front, while the sides are slanted to offer a unique look. The zip fly with a button on the waist allows you to wear them without worrying about them falling down. They also have welted pockets on the back where you can store your essentials, such as a wallet.


  • Loose and stretchable fabric offers flexibility
  • Pleated front and slanted sides provide a formal look
  • 100% cotton denim fabric stays free from wrinkles
  • Ideal for machine wash, making cleaning a snap


  • The elastic may get loose over time

Dickies Men's Jean  —  Best for a Casual Look

Whether you are a working person or a sportsman, this pair of men’s denim jeans lets you do all sorts of tasks without any worries of ripping. Undeniably, you need maximum flexibility to sit and bend while working or playing, and this pair provides you that comfort with ease. The straight cut with a loose shape gives the pants a classic look. Additionally, they are manufactured using 100% pure cotton, while the seams are stitched thrice.

They are also reinforced with brass rivets that keep the fabric firmly held together. This, in turn, makes the denim sturdy enough to resist wear and tear from daily use. The zippers on this pair of pants are made of brass metal that won’t break or rust over time. On top of everything, the jeans feature seven keystone belt loops that prevent them from bunching, making them different from other pairs of pants.


  • Heavyweight cotton denim twill adds extra durability
  • Five deep pockets for keeping your essentials at arm's length
  • Triple stitched seams and brass rivets prevent ripping
  • Straight cut and classic fit offer long-lasting comfort


  • Doesn’t feel soft on the first use, but gets smooth after washing

Nautica Jean Pant  —  Best Loose Jeans

If you want to purchase stylish denim jeans without paying a wallet-busting price, this is an ideal product for you. These loose-fitting jeans do not hug your legs and give a relaxed feel from the inside and a funky look from the outside. The indigo wash color goes well with all light-colored shirts or sweaters. These jeans look decent enough to wear on a casual Friday at home or to a guys’ night out. They are also wide open at the bottom so they comfortably fit over your boots well. Moreover, this pair has five pockets – two on the back and three on the front. You can also find a logo patch on the waistband that you won’t find in some of today’s jeans. Since they have a suitable length, these jeans won’t rub the ground while you walk.


  • Loose-fitting jeans give a relaxed feel
  • The wide opening fits over any boots
  • Five pockets for storing items
  • Belt loops for adjusting its fitting around the waist


  • Pockets are tiny and may run short on space

Finding Your Next Denim Jeans: A Buyer’s Guide

Those who have been ignoring loose denim jeans need to give them a try. These jeans not only offer the coolest style but are extremely comfortable as well – definitely more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans. Hence, they're becoming super trendy. Nobody said your jeans should be skinny or ripped or of a certain color; you can try whatever style you like. However, purchasing the best jeans is not as easy as it sounds. But, you will have a much easier time finding the right pair of jeans after reading this guide.

What Are the Different Types of Men’s Denim Jeans?

Straight cut

This type of jeans follows a straight line and is uniform in shape from top to bottom. They sit right at the waist and are roomy around the back and thigh area. They also don't make you appear taller or slimmer. They are generally one of the more comfortable styles of jeans.

Loose fit 

Loose-fitting jeans are baggy from the knee to the ankle. However, they are slightly tapered around the thighs. They are the comfiest style because they don’t restrict your movement.

Pleated denim

These pants grip the thighs nicely while staying loose on the lower legs. They have a pleated design on the front and slanted sides, making them look like formal pants. They are also flexible around the waist.

Cowboy denim

These kinds of pants are exactly what they sound like. When you see high back pockets, sturdy fabric, solid rivets, and spacious seats, you know they are cowboy pants. You can’t expect them to be super soft on the skin, because they are meant to be strong and sturdy.

What Are the Advantages of Denim Jeans for Men?

If they aren’t already, denim jeans are sure to become your favorite kind of pants. Here are some reasons that justify this statement. 

  • They are made of thick and heavy-duty fabric, so they last a long time.
  • Denim jeans have high-quality fabrics that don't tear or wrinkle easily. Thus, they require very little maintenance. 
  • You can find them in a variety of designs and colors that suit all kinds of outfits and occasions.
  • Denim jeans don't hug your legs too tightly, so they are very comfortable.

Which Factors Should You Evaluate to Buy the Best Denim Jeans?

Below, we have shed light on some aspects that you should consider to get your hands on one of the best pairs of men's denim jeans that money can buy.


Don't forget to check what kind of fabric is used in making your jeans, because it will determine the degree of comfort you will get and the durability of the pants. Hence, ensure that the pants are made of pure cotton. The more cotton they have, the more comfortable they will be. This material lets your skin breathe and feel relaxed. However, you should also look for a stretchable fabric, like elastane, in the jeans if you want them to have a little bit of stretch. 


Most of the denim pants you encounter will have four or five sufficient pockets. Check additional points, like if the pockets are deep or not. If you ride horses, bikes, or motorcycles a lot, the back pockets must be high so that they don’t impair your flexibility. Also, look for durable stitching, or the pocket will fall apart if you stuff many items inside.


There is no fixed rule to follow when selecting the color, but if you are looking for a certain kind of pants that go well with anything you wear, go for blue jeans. This includes indigo blue, submerged navy wash, stone denim, or other similar shades.

Leg opening

Which do you prefer more — shoes or boots? If you prefer boots, you will require jeans with a large leg opening of around 16 ¾ inches. This will allow the denim to seamlessly fit over your shoes. 

What is the Standard Price of Men's Denim Jeans?

Denim pants can cost anywhere between $15 and $150. The cost of jeans highly depends on the brand. Haggar, Levi's, and Wrangler are some of the top names in the denim world, so their jeans cost a bit more. Additionally, the price may increase according to the size. You may have to pay a higher price if you wear a larger size.