Express Your Gratitude With the Best Thanksgiving Cards

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While freshly baked pumpkin pie or an in-person warm hug can do the trick, sometimes the most thoughtful gestures are the ones that are a little more subtle. What could be more thoughtful than a simple yet elegant Thanksgiving card with a heartfelt note?

Whether it’s for your parents who have been there through thick and thin, your siblings who have put up with your annoying habits all these years, or your quirky coworker who is always there with a helping hand, a well-crafted Thanksgiving card can be a beautiful way to express all of those sentiments without saying a word. Iif the note inside is short but sweet, all the better. From hilarious and silly to sentimental and sincere, here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving cards of 2022 that will fill the hearts of their recipients with warmth and joy.

Comparing the Top-Rated Thanksgiving Cards of 2022

Hallmark Thanksgiving Card  —  Best Overall

This Hallmark Thanksgiving Card is a beautiful way to celebrate the season of gratitude. Made from high-quality paper stock, this Thanksgiving card features a striking design of red and brown leaves that are accented with metallic foil, making them pop against the black background. On the inside, you'll find a heartfelt message written in premium typography. Each card comes with an envelope, so you can send it to your loved ones in style.

You can also use this card as a part of your holiday decorations or display it on its own as a keepsake item that will help you remember all that you're thankful for. Thanks to its eco-friendly material, thoughtful message, and beautiful design, this Thanksgiving card is unquestionably the top option on this list.


  • Attractive and beautiful autumnal print
  • Quality material doesn't crumble easily
  • Include a pre-written thoughtful message
  • Comes in a set of 10 cards


  • Envelopes feel a bit flimsy

Current Thanksgiving Card  —  Best Illustrations

If you're looking for a special way to share some gratitude and love with those closest to you this season, look no further than the Current Thanksgiving Card. Constructed with premium quality paper, this autumn-themed Thanksgiving card features a bright pumpkin scene with a little bird perched on top. The words “Autumn Blessing” are printed in a beautiful script font, while the inside of this card is left blank for you to write your own message.

This Thanksgiving card comes with premium white envelopes, making it easy to send out to those you love. Available in assorted designs, these cards are great for any occasion, whether it's Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever else you're celebrating this year.


  • Printed in high-quality autumnal hues
  • Blank space for personalized messages
  • Available in a range of designs


  • Thin material isn’t bend-resistant

Fancy Land Thanksgiving Card  —  Great Value

Spread some holiday cheer with Fancy Land Thanksgiving Cards. Made from high quality card stock, this Thanksgiving card is bend resistant and durable enough to withstand even the toughest of hugs. Each pack comes with 12 cards and 40 stickers, which are just enough for everyone on your Thanksgiving list. Each card has an envelope, so you can send them right away.

With the blank space inside, you can write a personalized greeting to each of your friends, family members, and loved ones. The stickers are a fun way to personalize the card, whether it’s for your kid’s teacher or your grandmother who always loves getting mail. These Thanksgiving cards are also available in a range of styles, with some featuring cheerful turkeys while others feature a more rustic scene with fall leaves and acorns, so you can easily pick the right one for you.


  • Fun and quirky illustrations
  • Smooth material for quick writing
  • Comes with colorful envelopes


  • Sticker may have poor adhesion

Lovepop Thanksgiving Card  —  Highest-quality

This Lovepop Thanksgiving card is designed with attention to detail. This Thanksgiving card features a 3D design that springs out from the card, adding an element of surprise and delight. On the front, you'll find the words "Give Thanks" written in a modern font. The blank, tuck-away note card makes it easy for you to write a message of gratitude or blessing, whether you're sending this card to your best friend or your grandmother.

Unlike other cards, this Thanksgiving card is made from high-quality, Forest Stewardship Council-certified craft paper and is hand-assembled to ensure the highest quality product. This Thanksgiving card is available in a range of styles including fall candle, harvest sunflower, maple tree, and many more, making it a perfect choice to make your recipient smile.


  • Comes with slide-away notecard
  • Made of premium laser-cut paper
  • Blank envelope for personalization
  • Available in a range of designs


  • Size may vary from the image

Freshcut Paper Thanksgiving Card  —  Most Eco-friendly

Say thank you to your favorite people with the Freshcut Paper Thanksgiving Card. Made from recyclable paper and featuring vibrant colors, this Thanksgiving card is incredibly durable and has a timeless quality, making it ideal for someone who has a lot of mail to go through during the holiday season.

This Thanksgiving card features a whimsical bouquet of flowers that springs out when you open it, adding a fun element. The card comes with an accompanying note card so you can write your own personal message to your recipient. It's the perfect way to thank someone who has been generous this year.


  • Made with recyclable paper
  • Colorful and whimsical design
  • Comes in a pack of three


  • Can’t be used as stand-alone decoration

Buying Guide: Thanksgiving Cards

While shopping for Christmas cards, you might have never realized that Thanksgiving cards even exist. If you want to show your appreciation to your loved ones and make them smile, a Thanksgiving card is just what you need. You may easily get confused by the variety of cards available, from personalized and punny illustrations to hand-printed cards. We’ve curated this detailed buying guide to help you choose the perfect Thanksgiving cards for your friends and family.

How To Pick the Right Thanksgiving Card

Consider the size

Thanksgiving cards, just like any other greeting cards, are available in a range of sizes, from mini versions to giant cards to write a whole poem or note on them. Most cards are big enough that you can write a special note on them or tuck a foldable family newsletter inside.

Single or multipacks

If you don’t have a long list of people you’re thankful of, which rarely is the case, buying single Thanksgiving cards is a better option. Multipacks of Thanksgiving cards are widely available and they come in smaller packs of up to 10 cards, while some of them even have up to 100 cards. In addition to saving you time over selecting the cards one at a time, buying a multipack of cards also saves you money.


To make it simple to address and ship Thanksgiving cards, you should get the ones that come with envelopes. It's probably a mistake if your chosen cards show up without envelopes, with missing envelopes, or with the incorrect size envelopes. So, regardless of the cards you select, you can expect to receive the right amount and size of envelopes. If you want to add a unique touch to your Thanksgiving cards, you can choose options with printed or customizable envelopes.

Pre-print or hand-written message

While some Thanksgiving cards just have a typical message printed on them, you can also find some options that have blank spaces for you to write your own message. This is good if you're only giving a few cards, however, if you're sending them to a large group of people, you generally don't want to personalize each one, because it’ll take a lot of time.

Pick an eco-friendly option

More people now question if exchanging holiday cards is the most environmentally friendly option because these cards are made from trees. If you enjoy sending them, there are more environmentally responsible choices available, including e-cards, pulp paper cards, and cards with plant pigments. You can also go for cards that are made using recyclable material to ensure that it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Avoid glittery cards

While some people enjoy adding a little sparkle to their Thanksgiving cards, you should avoid glitter because it might shed and irritate the recipient.

Think about the recipient

Many people send their cards with a family newsletter to cherish memories, and it's an amazing way to be in touch with distant relatives and friends. Your postal carrier, supermarket cashier, or coworker you greet in the break room might not want to hear about your family's recent activities.

Consider limiting your card list

Spreading holiday happiness is a beautiful gesture, but if you haven't spoken to someone since you sent them a card the previous year, think twice about keeping them on your list. Sending cards to not-so-important people is unnecessary, since they take up resources such as paper, fuel, and other materials to produce and ship.

Sending Thanksgiving Cards

It’s entirely up to you to decide who to send cards to and who to exclude from your list. It’s never a bad idea to send a card to someone who sends you one every year.

You should stick to generic winter themes like snow sceneries or fall themes to ensure that no one gets the wrong idea from your cards. Simply write your name if you're mailing cards from just you. If you have children, you may prefer to sign it from the family to save time.