Make Your House a Home With These Inspirational Design & Decor Books

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While designing, styling, or decorating a home is a very personal experience, there is no shame in getting some inspiration from books written just for that purpose.

Below are some of our favorite decor books that specialize in, first and foremost, beautiful photography and images of aspirational and inspirational homes and designs. In addition to photographs, the authors provide some professional advice peppered in with personal anecdotes and lessons learned from their own lives.

We have included books from celebrated design experts, bloggers, YouTube sensations, and a home organization specialist who all provide their unique take on the design of any space. Use these books as you will for their tips and tricks on how to make a home feel cozy or stylish or as decor on their own as chic coffee table books or gifts for friends and family.

The Top Decor Book, Compared

Cozy White Cottage  —  Best Overall

This home decor-based book contains beautiful house and garden photography to serve as inspiration for every room in your home. Written by a popular blogger, this book offers 100 tips and tricks to make your home feel cozy, budget-friendly hints to make decorating affordable and simple DIY projects for every room in the house. You will also find inspiration for every style with real-life, easy, and affordable ideas.


  • This book gives tips for all rooms including the porch, living room, office, kitchen, and more
  • Includes tips for decorating your home on a budget


  • If you have a more modern design aesthetic, another option might be better

Live Beautiful By Athena Calderone  —  Runner Up

From a celebrated design expert and interior designer, this book takes a chic look into how an international network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers decorate their spaces. This book explores how each homeowner found inspiration for their designs and then breaks down the details of the rooms while offering helpful tips on how to bring these elements into your own space.


  • This book is accompanied by gorgeous photography
  • The author gives a glimpse into two of her own properties


  • This book does not showcase much of the author’s design spaces

Beautifully Organized  —  Honorable Mention

If some professional organization is a priority in life, this book is a must-read. Beautifully Organized is written by a professional home organizer who shares her best advice for how to create an organized, beautiful, and welcoming home. She details her five essential steps to get your house in order and through her experience, will teach you how to put them to good use to ultimately create your perfectly organized home.


  • This book is good for new homeowners, newlyweds, spring cleaners, empty nesters, etc
  • It gives tips on how to clean up efficiently


  • Much of the book content can be found on the author’s social media

Faded Glamour  —  Best for Vintage Lovers

Another inspiration-style decor book, this one has a focus on vintage finds with character. The author showcases her passion for velvet sofas and lace curtains by revealing her own home that is a blend of romantic and cool rock ‘n’ roll interiors. The book also contains a ton of inspirational interiors and creative spaces that might provide some cool design ideas.


  • This book will make a lovely housewarming or holiday gift for any design lover
  • It gives tips and inspiration for decorating every room of the house


  • If you are not into vintage style and/or design, another option might be better

Elements of Style  —  Most Honest Book

This is another blog-based, full-color, and fully illustrated design book filled with advice, inspiration, and ideas, about designing a home that reflects your individual personality and style. This guide to decorating uses the author’s 10 years of experience in the industry to combine design advice with professional photographs and illustrations peppered with personal essays about the lessons learned while designing her own home.


  • This book contains an extensive resource and shopping guide
  • It is organized by rooms of the house


  • This book contains a lot of personal information

Buying Guide: Decor Books

If you cannot afford to employ a designer, your best ally is a well-curated bookshelf. Although we admire the knowledge and aesthetic eye that experienced decorators bring to the table, there seems to be no questioning the allure of learning new skills on your own. If you are ready for a change, do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone; you may start by looking through the top décor books in 2022 for awe-inspiring ideas.

What Are Some Critical Characteristics of the Top Decor Books?


In reality, when it comes to putting up the decor books, they will create a fantastic ambiance. If the content is acceptable for all levels, the family and all guests will like it. It is vital to observe while choosing a decor book because no one wants to end up buying a book that will be of no use.


When choosing a decor book, the cover is really important. A coherent notion must be present on the cover to accentuate your bookshelves and be sturdy enough to last a good time. The majority of individuals prefer hardbound covers over softbound pages. It is also better to use a basic tone for the cover instead of a neon color.

How Do Decor Books Help You?

Detailing and innovativeness

As you will be responsible for designing interiors for a variety of clientele, you should have a good sense of color contrasts and keep up with the latest trends. While having a distinct point of view might be advantageous, you will also need to be extremely adaptive. To create coherent environments, it is critical to pay attention to both the small details and the broad picture at the same time.

Identifying trends

Styles come and go, and you must remain on top of them. You will be prepared to remain competitive and in need, if you can spot and forecast trends. Furthermore, being able to recognize negative trends helps guarantee that your job remains relevant for the coming years.

Understanding appropriate practices

People are increasingly requesting environmentally friendly features. You will require a solid understanding of these ideal design elements and technology. People will look on you to make the right choices for them, therefore having this expertise is essential for you.

Good communication skills

As an interior designer, you will need to be able to successfully express your ideas to people and listen attentively if you have more grip over the subject. You will also need to collaborate with developers and other experts who will be accountable for putting your plans into action. A wisely chosen decor book can help you develop and polish your communication skills.

Aptitude to design and computer literacy

If you have ever considered how to become a designer, you may imagine having to do everything by hand. Many interior designers these days utilize computer-based tools to produce graphical images of their projects, but the ability to generate initial drawings is also useful. Knowing how to use both ways will make you a more useful resource to the people. Clients, however, want to witness motion graphics of ideas, thanks to the prevalence of numerous home decor books.

Organization skills

To execute tasks on schedule and on cost, a designer should be exceedingly prepared. You are not likely to get customer loyalty if service takes forever or expenses exceed what a customer was given. Architects must plan things down to the minute and dollar. Although unforeseen delays and expenditures will surely occur, you must take preventive measures to account for these situations.

What’s the Difference Between Hardcover and Paperback Decor Books?

Each book type has advantages and disadvantages. When packed in a bag, a hardcover will preserve the book's contents more and retain its freshness longer. A hardcover, on the other side, will mostly occupy more room and will be bulkier.

A paperback is far more flexible, however, it is more susceptible to wear and damage. Because a paperback has less internal page protection, the top and rear cover generally break off after heavy wear. However, there are several sorts of paperbacks with protected covers. These provide additional protection for the book while yet allowing it to keep its form. Determine if you will want to mark sections in the book or scribble notes in the corners. Make a note of any open note-taking area.

Why Should You Buy Decor Books?

People buy books in order to be entertained. People finish these products if they appreciate them, and if they genuinely enjoy them, they recommend them to their friends. A considerable number of books are acquired as long-term investments rather than for instant enjoyment. In other words, books are extremely adaptable.

People can buy books to become more informed or knowledgeable. The majority of them are nonfiction works written by journalists. They might have excellent or average success rates. They may not be seen in order from start to finish. They may have limited scope, and their recommendation factors may be fantastic or horribly bad, depending on their quality and effectiveness in meeting expectations.

People are asked to read decor books for multiple reasons and do not choose them entirely on their own. These could be reading group picks, although they are more likely to be novels that are commonly acknowledged as great works of literature by some unsaid consensus.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Decor Book?

It is possible that the book you choose will need to:

  • Be a recipient of a prestigious award.
  • On the top, include a testimonial from someone you know and appreciate.
  • Have a lot of positive feedback.
  • Choose hardback books since they are more resilient and look great on a shelf.
  • Paperback books are pleasant, easy to use, and have a discreet look.