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The Best Clogs That You’ll Never Want to Take Off Your Feet

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Do you think having sandals and shoes in your footwear collection is enough? If so, then you’re mistaken because they can be uncomfortable when you wear them for long periods of time. Heeled sandals can cause pain, while shoes make your feet sweaty and full of odor. You’ll need a blend of stylish sandals and comfy shoes to avoid pain and bad smells. That’s where clogs come in.

Getting the right clogs can be too time consuming, though, as there are a number of options available on the market to choose from. Therefore, we’ve researched and reviewed the top clogs in 2024 that you can shop for. You don't have to be a factory worker, a nurse, or of any specific profession to wear them because they’re extremely fashionable and suitable for all. Plus, did we mention that they are incredibly comfortable?! Keep reading below to find out our favorite pairs!

Reviewing the Top Clogs of 2024 in Detail

Crocs Classic Clogs  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Lightweight design with ventilation holes for breathability and comfort
  • EVA sole absorbs vibrations
  • Pivoting straps provide snug fitting
  • 100% crosslite material makes it waterproof and odor resistant

Those who are always in a rush will love this pair because you can effortlessly glide your feet in or out without using your hands. You can wash them with soap and water whenever you want, and they won't take long to dry. Attached with pivoting straps that allow you to fit your feet in securely, you’ll be able to walk and move with complete flexibility. There’ll be no need to adjust the footwear again and again.

The comfort they provide has become their greatest selling point because they’re extremely light in weight. Additionally, they have ventilation ports that allow air to pass through and remove debris and water. So, they are ideal for wearing during the summer as well as the rainy season. Moreover, these clogs consist of an EVA sole which acts as a premium cushion and allows you to walk on uneven surfaces easily.

Dansko Women's Clogs  —  Best For Wide Toes

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Key Features

  • Polyurethane rocker bottom soles help in absorbing shock and propelling you forward
  • Roomy toe box offers plenty of room for your broad toes
  • Padded instep collar offers an extra cushion to the arch and the ankle
  • 100% leather material keeps them glossy and durable

If you are looking for clogs that can give you all-day comfort, then this pair is the right pick because it has a padded anatomical footbed to support your feet. The footbed also has a PU foam that is breathable and helps in maintaining the temperature inside the shoe. What’s more, they’re equipped with a padded instep collar to protect your arch and ankle from rubbing. These clogs are also reinforced with a polyurethane rocker bottom sole that can easily absorb shocks. Therefore, your feet won’t feel fatigued after hours of standing or walking.

Moreover, this footwear has a wedge-style heel with a height of 0.75 inches that looks much more fashionable than regular wedges or shoes. They also come with a roomy toe box that allows your toes to move and rest comfortably. So, if you have broad toes, this pair is ideal for you.

Adidas Adilette Clogs  —  Most Durable

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Key Features

  • Contoured footbed provides stability and relief from stress
  • Vast room inside makes it suitable for men as well as women
  • 100% textile synthetics makes it long-lasting
  • Holes for letting sweat and water dry

This pair is suitable for those people who always stay on their feet because the contoured footbed molds itself according to the shape of your arch and heel to support the bones. Therefore, you’ll feel comfortable while walking and enjoy better control of your moves.

Additionally, these clogs are made of 100% textile synthetic that makes them lightweight as well as durable. They won't break or show wrinkles under a heavy load, so you can use them as daily footwear without worrying about damaging them. Moreover, they have tiny holes on their upper body that regulate the temperature by letting in air, meaning you won't come home with sweaty toes. These clogs are also easy to wear because of their slip-on design.

HAFLINGER GZ Clogs  —  Best for All Weathers

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Key Features

  • Hundred percent breathable and boiled wool offers insulation
  • Cork and latex footbed for flexible arch support
  • Wood felt lining absorbs moisture from your feet
  • The non-skid outsole makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use

This clog is the perfect footwear for all weathers because its upper part is made of 100% boiled and breathable wool that provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Plus, it also feels super soft!

What’s more, the footbed is made of cork and latex, molding itself according to your foot shape. Therefore, it gives a customized fit to every foot. The contoured footbed and rocker heel sole support the natural curve of your feet and help you in moving backward or forward effortlessly. Moreover, the spacious toe box means your toes don't feel squeezed together, which could get annoying after a while.

Bjork Maja Leather Clogs  —  Best for Work

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Key Features

  • 2-inch high heel looks stylish
  • Genuine leather adds natural shine and makes the pair durable
  • Wood rocker outsole offers overall arch support
  • Polyurethane sole offers breathability

These clogs are great for women who want all-around comfort while still looking stylish. The outsole is made of wood, while the upper body is manufactured using pure leather. Thus, they become strong and glossy. Additionally, the outsole is reinforced with PU tread that provides arch support, allowing you to walk or stand for extended hours without hurting your feet.

Since the heels are 2 inches high, they look like trendy sandals. Not to forget, these clogs offer roomy space to your toes that can accommodate normal to broad toes easily. They also weigh only 1.65 pounds, which makes them comfortable to wear for a whole day. The anti-skid base means you can walk on all types of floors without worrying about slipping.

Finding a Leading Pair of Clogs: A Buying Guide

Footwear is an essential part of any outfit. Choosing the wrong pair of clogs might not only lower your self-esteem but also create pain and posture issues. To avoid that risk, we’ve prepared this buying guide so that you can select a suitable pair that you and your feet will love.

What Exactly Are Clogs?

Clogs have been famous for centuries and are back in style again. In earlier days, they were made of wood only, but their form has changed over the years. Today, footwear does not necessarily have to be made out of wood in order to be called clogs. Footwears with thick wooden soles with leather or fabric tops are currently known as clogs, too. Wearing them makes you look traditional and stylish at the same time. The best thing is their stability and comfort, which makes them different from other footwear. You can have a pair of clogs in the form of sandals or sneakers, and sometimes a blend of both.

What Are the Pros of Clogs?

Here are some bonus points of clogs that make them trendy these days:

  • Their appealing design looks suitable for both men and women.
  • You don't have to check out the weather before wearing them out, as they can be worn throughout the year.
  • They have a molded shape that supports your heel, arch, and ankle, meaning you can stand up upright; it also helps in aligning the spine. This is a reason why clogs are also known for having orthopedic benefits.
  • They are super comfortable, which makes them great to wear while working.
  • Most of the clogs provide thick cushioning to the arch, which distributes your bodyweight uniformly, preventing additional pain or stress in your body.

How To Select the Right Clogs for Your Feet

Consider these factors in order to figure out your perfect pair of clogs.


Clogs made of wood, cork, and crosslite material are durable, but leather ones look more stylish. However, leather clogs are not suitable for rainy weather, as prolonged exposure to water can cause wrinkles on the leather skin. You can also find some clogs made of synthetic textile and boiled wool that are suitable and comfortable, as they are breathable, help in absorbing sweat, and are resistant to wrinkles.

Additionally, the outsole should be textured to make it anti-skid, as this will allow you to walk on uneven and slippery surfaces. Clogs made with PU tread outsoles are great at absorbing shocks, meaning you can stand or walk for hours without hurting your feet. Apart from this, you should check the insole or footbed. They should have an EVA foam to provide cushioning and support the natural shape of your feet.


Most clogs come true to the size, so you need to enter correct measurements to get the right size. They should not be too loose, as they will feel floppy, and you’ll have to drag them while moving. Similarly, too-tight clogs restrict the movement of your feet, and you may trip over it when you are in motion. So, get clogs that hug your feet well.


Different types of clogs suit different purposes. For instance, if you are a female looking for stylish footwear, go for a pair with slightly high heels (like 2 inches). The ones made of leather also look classy. For men, clogs with a wide foot area are ideal. If you prefer comfort over style, then go for crocs that are comfortable yet chunky. They are suitable for both men and women.


If you are wearing clogs for the whole day, they should be extremely comfortable and help keep you going. High heels can cause discomfort and foot problems like bunions, so go for the clogs having heels equal to or less than 2 inches. They should also provide ventilation so that your feet don't become sweaty or hold odor. If you have to stand for hours, go for sturdy shafts, but if you have to walk more, choose a pair that has a flexible footbed with PU insoles that are breathable.


If you want to wear the same clogs in all seasons, go for waterproof clogs, like the one made of a crosslite or synthetic textiles, because they are waterproof. They should also have an anti-skid outsole to give you complete stability on all kinds of floors. Additionally, the top should be breathable enough to provide sufficient warmth in cold weather and coolness in humid temperatures, like you get in woolen clogs.

How Much Does a Pair of Clogs Normally Cost?

Wooden clogs with a wool or leather top are slightly more expensive compared to textile synthetics or crosslite. Both are unique and serve their purposes pretty well, though. The price also goes up according to the size you purchase. Hence, clogs can cost you anywhere in the range of $19.45 to $249.09.