Easily Inflate Your Sports & Gym Equipment With the Best Hand Pumps for Barre Ball

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If you are a big barre, pilates, and even yoga exercise enthusiast then inflatable exercise balls are a big part of your life. While it might not happen right away, these portable balls will have to be inflated or partially filled at some point and you do not want to be left stranded, unable to do your workout.

Enter hand pumps. They are a great tool to keep on hand should you find yourself with a flat exercise and barre ball or just any type of sports ball to be exact. These pumps are portable, travel well, and come with everything you need to quickly and easily fill your ball, ensuring you get to your next class on time.

Below are some great hand pumps we found on Amazon for barre balls or any type of small-medium sized ball you may have laying around. These pumps are not only affordable but can also be used for pumping up pool toys, balloons and a few are strong enough to even inflate air mattresses and boats.

Our Favorite Hand Pump for Barre Ball Worth Considering in 2022

Franklin Sports Ball Complete Maintenance Kit  —  Best Overall

The Franklin Pump Kit comes complete with everything you need to keep your ball inflated to the perfect level at all times. Included in the kit is a 7.5-inch pump with a flexible extension hose, inflation needles, and gauge. The inflation gauge measures psi to ensure you are inflating to the perfect pressure and three needles are included for pumping up balls of all sizes including soccer, footballs, basketballs, and other inflatables.


  • This kit comes with a convenient carrying case to help keep all your components organized


  • The pump is not recommended for use as a bicycle pump

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump  —  Runner Up

The Intex Hand Pump is a portable pump that comes with three interconnecting nozzles with hoses to inflate or deflate different types of items. Included are a small pinch valve, large pinch valve and Boston valve to inflate everything from airbeds, small and large pool toys, large inflatable boats, and rafts. Simple to use, this pump is also designed to pump air on both up and down strokes which maximizes airflow and makes inflating fast and simple.


  • In addition to inflating, this pump deflates as well with the simple switch of the hose connection


  • Larger items will take a longer time to pump

REVIVL Ball Pump  —  Honorable Mention

Revivl’s Ball Pump is a multipurpose, efficient pump that will pump air while pushing and pulling, saving you time and energy. Weighing in at only three ounces, this is the perfect portable pump to take with you on the road, to any of your sporting events and includes a flexible hose holding attachment on the top so you will never lose needles again. This ball comes with five USA size needles as well and can be used for all types of balls including exercise and yoga balls and even balloons.


  • Its bright red color makes it easy to find in any bag


  • This pump is not recommended for bike tires

TONUNI Portable Air Pump  —  Contender

Tonuni’s Portable Air Pump is a dual-action pump that is versatile and beneficial for pumping up a variety of sports balls. Easy to use, this pump has a pocket-sized design for convenience yet won’t impact its functionality to pump up your favorite balls, including soccer and basketball to gym and yoga balls, rapidly. Also included are two metal spare needles, two removable and flexible rubber hoses, and a plastic tapered nozzle.


  • This pump can also be used for inflatable toys, balloons, and most swim toys


  • This is not a heavy-duty air pump

Skoloo Portable Hand Air Ball Pump Kit  —  Also Consider

Skoloo’s Hand Pump Kit comes with everything you need for fast and convenient inflation including metal pin needles, a removable and flexible rubber hose, and a plastic tapered nozzle. This portable and lightweight pump measures in at 10 inches and is made for comfort with its concave design and anti-skid handle which helps to reduce fatigue and pain during pumping. In addition, this pump has the ability to inflate at different angles depending on your ball shape so you can reduce the chances of the needles breaking.


  • A variety of color options are available


  • This pump can inflate balloons but not enough for them to float

Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump  —  Editor's Pick

Fitness Factor’s Hand Pump is meant to keep your sports and exercise balls in tip-top shape. Keep it handy to pump up any of your balls twice as fast for efficient inflation without getting fatigued as it pushes air on both the up and down strokes. Included with this lightweight and portable pump is an already installed inflation needle and two extra pins should one break or get lost. In addition, this pump is easy to use and ergonomic with a non-slip, textured grip that is easy to hold for comfort.


  • Fitness Factor provides a lifetime warranty with its pump


  • This does not come with a storage bag

Valiant Sports Ball Pump Kit  —  Another Option

Valiant’s Two-Way Ball Pump is another portable pump with two-way inflation action that inflates the ball during the pushing and pulling strokes. Included with this set are a total of five standard needles and a free storage pouch with an inner pocket to conveniently carry any extra needles and the pump as well. This pump will inflate and deflate all your favorite sports balls and has a textured, rubber body designed for comfort to prevent slipping.


  • This pump comes with a soft needle plug that effectively prevents any bending


  • This pump will not work on yoga balls

Buying Guide: Hand Pumps For Barre Balls

If you are thinking about doing your own at-home barre ball exercises, you are going to need to keep your ball in tip-top shape. If you are a fitness or yoga instructor with your own private studio or you work in a gym, the quality of your exercise equipment is even more important as people will be spending their hard-earned money to use it.

As such, you’ll need to buy the best hand pump available to you. There are many things you need to look out for when choosing a hand pump, and the decision can be quite difficult. Do you go for the cheap option? Or do you spend an extra few bucks to ensure quality?

To help you make a decision, we’ve put together this handy buying guide. If you’d like to know more, let’s dive in.

What Can You Pump Up With a Hand Pump?

The great thing about hand pumps is that they are a very versatile piece of equipment. You can use them for all sorts of items and it’ll work just fine. For example, a hand pump can be used for any of these items.

  • Exercise balls
  • Medicine balls
  • Barre balls
  • Inflatable pool toys and floats
  • Water wings
  • Soccer balls
  • Footballs
  • Inflatable chairs
  • Air mattresses
  • Bicycle tires

However, keep in mind that some inflatable devices such as air mattresses are better suited to foot pumps as they release more air and are less taxing physically. In addition, bicycle tires have different valves depending on the model, so you may need to buy an adapter to connect your hand pump with the valve.

Key Factors to Think About Before Choosing a Hand Pump

There are several key things you need to keep in mind when buying your next hand pump. These include:


Sure, hand pumps may not be as large as track pumps (where you need to use your full body weight to press down on the pump), but they still come in different sizes. There are pumps that are super short and perfect if you exercise from home and want to minimize space, and there are items that are longer and wider, which are better for larger exercise balls or for pumping up equipment quickly.


Consider the volume of the shaft before buying your hand pump. The greater the shaft volume, the more air pumped out by the hand pump in one movement. However, you can expect a pump with a large volume shaft to be somewhat larger than other varieties.


Ideally, your hand pump should be light enough to carry around inside your gym bag. If you cycle a lot and use your hand pump to pump up your tires, you’ll want your hand pump with you whenever you go out on the bike (plus an adapter to connect to the valve).

Ergonomic handle

The top hand pumps will come with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable on your palm and wrist. Some pumps have a t-shaped handle, while others are an extension of the shaft. Choose a handle that feels right in your hand and doesn’t cause discomfort during use.

Design and color

Sure, the design and color of your hand pump is an aesthetic choice primarily, you may want to choose a hand pump that matches your exercise equipment.

Customer reviews

We always recommend checking customer reviews on any product before you make any purchase. Customer reviews are a fantastic way to make sure a specific product is up to scratch and does everything you want it to. If a product is good, customers often leave positive feedback. And if it isn’t worth the money, you can be sure those customers will want their opinion heard even more.

We considered all these factors and so much more when researching the best hand pumps for our buying guide, bringing you some of the best value hand pumps available on the market. Rest assured, we’d only recommend hand pumps that we’d use on our own barre balls and other exercise equipment.

Are Hand Pumps and Mini Track Pumps the Same Thing?

While a mini track pump is not quite as cumbersome as its larger cousin, the track pump, it strikes a balance between portability and industriousness. However, it cannot be considered a hand pump. Mini track pumps will have a mini footplate and a fold-out handle, so they can still be stored away inside your bag. However, they’ll have a higher volume shaft than most hand pumps.