Shine Bright Like A Diamond With The Best Liquid Highlighters

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Highlighter is one of the trendiest makeup products in recent times. As far as liquid highlighters are concerned, they are here to stay. The dewy look that is desired by millions of women is solely achieved by a good liquid highlighter. Highlighting the necessary points of the face can give a sharp, vibrant, and glowy look that is highly eye-catching. The color, texture, quality, shine, and pigmentation of liquid highlighter need to be considered carefully before buying, however. That’s why we’ve reviewed many products and formed a list of the top liquid highlighters in 2022.

In the second half of this article, we have put together a buyer’s guide with all the need-to-know information about buying a liquid highlighter.

Comparing the Top Liquid Highlighters of 2022 in Detail

Wet N Wild Highlighter  —  Best Overall

liquid highlighter reviews

Key Features

  • The highlighter consists of murumuru seed butter, grapeseed oil, and Vitamin E. All of them help with easy application
  • The highlighter provides a silky feel which is given by the grapeseed oil, specifically
  • The highlighted is extraordinarily hydrating and beneficial to the skin
  • The highlighter is remarkable for its price

The Wet N Wild liquid highlighter is highly pigmented and has a formula that delivers a glowy and shimmery effect. It is formulated with pearl pigments that add the shine you desire. It also contains murumuru seed butter and Vitamin E, both of which help make the application smooth and even. 

You can use this highlighter on your brow bone, cheekbone, and inner corner of your eyes, and it will look great no matter what.

SACE LADY Highlighter  —  Best Value

liquid highlighter reviews

Key Features

  • The highlighter is relatively easy to apply
  • The glow created by the highlighter stays on for a whole day
  • Because it is exceptionally glowy, you only need a small amount of product
  • The two colors of this highlighter look great on every skin tone

This is a set of two highlighters. It has a silky texture that gives the skin a shimmering appearance and the brilliant coverage provides a light and luminous glow. 

It comes in two different shades, namely rose gold and peach champagne. Both these colors look great on the skin, and you can mix it in primer or foundation, if you’d like, for an overall shine. For a radiant finish, it can be used on the cheeks as well as the body. Plus, you can also use it over your lipstick to make lips look more attractive.

Maybelline New York Highlighter  —  Most Natural

liquid highlighter reviews

Key Features

  • This highlighter enhances the face features by making them sharp and awake
  • The highlighter gives a natural glow and not an extra luminous shine
  • When blended with foundation, it provides the skin with a smooth finish
  • It can also be applied to other parts of the body to draw attention to them

This is one of Maybelline’s top strobing highlighters. You can instantly achieve glowy skin by applying this highlighter to desired parts of the face or all over the face, whichever you’d prefer. 

This highlighter comes in a variety of colors and tints, with each one delivering a silky and smooth feel to the skin each time. If you’d prefer a dewy look, then mix it in your foundation or primer. Plus, you can always play with this highlighter and create a look you like in order to help you stand out among the crowd.

Firstfly Liquid Illuminator  —  Easiest to Apply

liquid highlighter reviews

Key Features

  • The highlighter consists of green tea extracts, Vitamin E, and various oils, making it highly functional
  • It consists of illuminating pigments, which make the skin look dewy
  • It comes in 3 different colors
  • The highlighter is ideal for the face and body

This liquid illuminator highlights the face and gives it a subtle shine. It enhances the natural skin tone by making the skin wrinkle-free and tighter, which makes you look and feel younger. Plus, it conceals any flaws that you might have on your face, like blemishes, scratches, or discoloration. 

It consists of natural oils, botanicals, and a hydrating marine extract that improves the texture and elasticity of the skin. It doesn’t streak and will not move from its place, as it is transfer-resistant, making it great for those who are out and about all day.

SuperThinker Liquid Highlighter  —  Best Formula

liquid highlighter reviews

Key Features

  • It is perfect for cheekbones, shoulders, neckline, and legs
  • The three colors of highlighters suit three different types of skin tones
  • It is smooth and creamy, which makes the application process easy
  • A little bit of product is enough to be used on the whole face

This is a two-in-one highlighter, as it can be used on the body and face. It acts as a wrinkle filler and makes skin look tighter, all while still adding a velvety shine to the skin.

It diminishes the flaws on your face, such as veins and stretch marks. Mix it with foundation or primer to achieve a smooth and velvety shiny finish. Plus, this long-lasting highlighter is made out of natural oils, botanicals, and marine extracts, all of which make this product a good moisturizer as well.

Buyer's Guide: Finding The Perfect Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter is a makeup product that makes your face extremely attractive, as it highlights the prominent points of the face. Models often have a flawless glow on their faces that are shiny enough to blind someone. Those models use liquid highlighters, and you can also achieve that pretty look by buying one of the top liquid highlighters of this year.

What Are the Key Considerations When Buying a Great Liquid Highlighter?


The shine of the highlighter should be subtle. There are many highlighters that create an extremely shiny look, but these are the ones that look appealing while in the bottle but not so much when they’re applied. 

But in reality, they feel awkward when you apply them to the face. If you want a highlighter for some extreme kind of look, then do buy the overly shimmery ones, but if you want it for a daily look, go for more of a subtle highlighter.

Amount of product

The amount of product present in a package should also be taken into consideration. We’ll give you an example. If you buy a highlighter that is too small, you will run through it relatively quickly, which means that you would have to order it again or visit the makeup store to repurchase it. 

On the other hand, if you buy a large liquid highlighter, it might dry up over time before you have a chance to use it all. Therefore, a smart purchase would be a highlighter with a reasonable amount.


The liquid highlighter should have a stable consistency. The highlighters that are too thick or thin are both not desirable because the highly thick one is difficult to blend, while the highly thin one won’t stay in place after you apply it. 

The consistency should be somewhere in the middle if you are a beginner and not that great with blending.

Price justifies quality

The affordability of a product matters to us because we know that it matters to you. The goal is to buy a product that has a price that complements its quality. 

Always check the reviews of a product over the internet and check whether its price matches its quality. If you find positive reviews, then go for it.  Otherwise, we’d encourage you to steer clear.


Packaging of the highlighter also matters a lot. Good packaging attracts the eyes. Moreover, the bottle should have a functional pump that makes the application easy. 

A highlighter that pumps way too much of a product out at one time makes the makeup process a messy one. Always find a highlighter that has a decently working pump.

Which Features to Look For in Liquid Highlighters


Check the ingredients of all the highlighters that you are interested in buying. Go for the one highlighter that has the most types of oils in it. Also, look for the one that has Vitamin E and green tea extracts. Firstly, all these things will make you look glowy. Secondly, these ingredients will moisturize your skin and will hydrate it at the same time. 

Drying time

The drying time of the highlighter should also be noticed. The drying time of the liquid highlighter should be quick, a.ka., it should dry instantly as you blend it on your face. Be careful, though, and make sure that the highlighter doesn’t make your skin dry.

Transfer resistant

The liquid highlighter should be transfer-resistant. It is important for your overall look that your highlighter stays where you have applied it and doesn’t transfer to unwanted parts of your face.


The highlighter should be highly pigmented, so as to really make your face shine. Plus, it’s easier to apply when it’s easier to see.


This point is significant and can’t be ignored. Highlighters come in many colors, so you should choose a color based on your complexion, as not all colors suit all face tones.

What Are the Different Ways to Use Liquid Highlighters?

Used on body

You can apply the liquid highlighter to your body. Parts of the body such as shoulders and legs look great when they have been highlighted. Overall, beauty bones are enhanced to a great extent when a liquid highlighter is applied.

Mixed with tanning spray

You can mix it with a tanning spray to enhance your overall look. When you mix it with the tanning spray and apply it to your body, your body will look illuminated and tan at the same time. This gives an appealing and eye-catching appearance that everybody will love.

Mixed in foundation

Your highlighter can be mixed in with a foundation. That foundation will give you a flawless and shiny look. Plus, we should note that the dewy look that is on trend these days is achieved by adding a highlighter into the foundation.

What Is the Price of Liquid Highlighters?

The price of liquid highlighters ranges from $4-$60. The highly-priced highlighters are the ones that big companies are launching, and they have an excellent reputation in the cosmetics industry. The affordable ones are typically drugstore liquid highlighters.