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Dress Up in Style with the Best Tights

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Tights are an everyday essential with many purposes. They are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe, and with new ideas for tight designs emerging constantly, most women own quite a few. A good pair of tights makes you look slimmer, and taller and gives the appearance of smooth legs. Pick the perfect pair for yourself with our guide for the highest-rated tights in 2024.

Depending on your size, figure, and dressing style, there is a variety of tights you can choose from. If you want to look more shapely you can buy tights in shapewear materials. Winter tights are to warm you up and are lined with insulators to keep you warm. Most of the tights in our comprehensive guide come in a variety of colors, to help you match any outfit you plan to wear.

We have reviewed the top five products to bring you the ideal choices to choose from. Covering the key features for each pair, we move towards the buyer’s guide where we explain what exactly you should be looking for in a pair of tights. Read through our guide and find the perfect pair of tights for yourself.

Detailing Our Favorite Tights of 2024

No Nonsense Tights  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Complete leg coverage
  • Pull-on closure
  • Stay in place waistband
  • Control top for a slimmer look
  • Multiple size options

The No-Nonsense women’s tights are one of the best control top tights on the market. They are made of an opaque material that provides maximum leg coverage. This leg coverage is not compromised when the material is stretched out either. However, to ensure a better fit, they come in many different size options.

This product is hand wash only and should be washed gently in warm to cold water. The waistband stays in place and prevents the tights from being dragged down. This helps maintain their position in dresses where the tights cannot be adjusted often. The control top offers a slimmer waist and helps shape the torso. Overall, it’s a reliable product with good shapewear qualities and many additional features.

HUE Tights  —  Top Opaque

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Key Features

  • Pull-on closure for ease of wearing
  • Completely opaque material
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Control top for a slimmer look
  • Come in different sizes and colors

The HUE super opaque tights are made in the US and offer a premium quality product at market-competitive prices. These tights are 90 deniers, offering full leg coverage even when stretched out. The pull-on closure feature makes sure there are no zips or buttons to irritate you. The control top makes the waist appear slim and adds to the overall charm of the product.

This product is machine wash friendly, however, it is preferred to line dry it to prevent shrinkage. Created with 91% nylon and 9% spandex, these tights are easy to stretch without tearing and offer enough room for your skin to breathe. They come in a variety of colors and can be purchased in five different sizes to match your body type.

L'eggs Tights  —  Top Silk

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Key Features

  • No visible lines
  • Snug fit and opaque
  • 96% nylon and 4% spandex composition
  • Durable silky material for a smooth finish

These microfiber tights are made with soft material for added comfort. The L’eggs Women’s silky tights offer an elegant touch to the traditional plain tights and give them a glamorous new vibe. The product is hand wash only since machine wash can cause damage to the fibers of the material.

Composed of 96% nylon and 4% spandex, its material provides stretch without fading or loss of opaqueness. The tights are closed as soon as you pull them on and they are meant to provide a snug fit. Their design prevents them from hanging low, making sure they fit snugly in all the right places. Overall, the product is well made with imported materials and has positive reviews by customers.

Hanes Tights  —  Top Sheer

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Key Features

  • Adapt’s to body temperature
  • Pull-on closure for easy wearing
  • Comfortable waistband that doesn’t pinch the skin
  • Control top for a slimmer look

The Hanes women’s curves tights offer the best sheer look alongside the most perfect finish. These tights adapt to the body’s temperature and cool or heat the skin accordingly. The pull-on closure makes them easy to wear without the nuisance of a zip or button. Since these tights are 83% nylon and 17% spandex, it is best to hand wash them to prevent shrinkage. Always use warm to cold water to maintain quality.

A comfortable waistband adorns the top of these tights ensuring that it doesn’t pinch the skin on your waist. The control top adds to the feature by slimming your waist and making you look curvier. The soft material makes it easy for these tights to be worn frequently all through the day without any irritation.

Capezio Tights  —  Editor’s Choice

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Key Features

  • Pull-on closure for ease of wearing
  • Can convert from footed to footless tights easily
  • Semi-opaque appearance
  • Many color options are available

The Capezio women’s transition tights are the editor’s choice for this guide. This product is available in many colors which makes it optimal to match many outfits. Its ability to transition from a footed pair of tights to a footless one is what sets this product apart. The semi-opaque appearance gives just enough coverage for an elegant look.

The pull-on closure ensures anyone can slip on these beauties with minimal effort. Its material composition is 86% nylon and 14% spandex making it a durable product. The fabric does not pile even in the face of friction. The waistband expands up to an inch to accommodate any weight gain or loss. This being a hand wash only product, it will last a long time if taken care of properly.

Buying Guide: Tights

People might think that buying a pair of tights would be an easy thing to do, however, there are quite a few things that you need to consider before buying a pair. From opaqueness to thickness, and from color to size, we have covered everything you will need to know before selecting the perfect pair of tights for yourself.

Whether you are looking for a pair to go with your outfit for a single occasion or just need an everyday product, keep the following features in mind before going tights-shopping.

Let’s move on and find out what factors to consider to find the most suitable pair of tights according to your needs and requirements.


The first thing that you need to decide is the color of the tights you want. Hosiery, nowadays, comes in different colors and some of them even have patterns printed on them. With such a variety available out there, it is important to decide upon what you need before you start browsing. Make up your mind as to what color would go best with the outfit you have decided to wear and start looking at different variations of the color.
Most of the time, you will opt for the basic black, white, or gray colors. However, there might be occasions where you would need to pick out vibrant colored tights. If you do opt for them, make sure to match them with the correct tones of clothes that you have decided upon wearing. Tights also come in nude colors if you are looking for a more natural look to complete your look.


Although tights are made to be very form-fitting and they have the ability to adjust to different body types, you will find a variety of sizes in each. It is very important to pick out the right size when it comes to tights because wearing a size that doesn’t fit may cause tearing. Most brands offer a size chart that you can consult to find the perfect one for yourself.
When you are looking at a size chart and find yourself in between two different sizes, opt for the larger one. This is because tights are designed to stretch around and fit the lower size as best as possible. If you opt to buy the smaller of the two, they might get ripped or hug you too tightly, leading to an unappealing sight.

Toe styles

The style of toes that the tights come with decides the type of shoes that can be worn with them. This is why it is imperative to take this factor into consideration as it might end up in a complete wardrobe malfunction.
There are quite a few types of toes a pair of tights can offer. For example, an open-toe pair of tights comes with no fabric attached to the toe region, making the toes visible. The sandal-toe tights come with a very thin, natural-looking fabric at the toe region giving the illusion of no fabric being present. The last kind is the reinforced toe tights with yarn placed at the toe region for additional durability. These kinds of tights are used by dancers, especially ballet dancers.

Quality and finish

Next comes the quality and finish of the product. For any clothing piece, the quality is extremely important because the longevity of the product depends upon it. The better the quality, the longer the product will be able to hold its shape without rips or deformation, and the longer you can wear it.
The outlook of any pair of tights depends completely on its finish. There are quite a few different looks to go for. For example, you may opt for the matte finish that takes away all the shine from the product. This is done by blending the yarn with some woolen elements. Another example is the satin finish, which may attract some women for its natural glow and a certain opaqueness that adds to its elegance. Finally, there is the glossy finish, where the tights shine with a glamorous gleam and shimmer.


Another thing that you need to consider when buying tights is their deniability. This is also known as the denier limits of the tights, meaning how thick or thin they are. The thickness or thinness of the tights you choose to buy depends upon your overall attire. Picking the right kind of thickness is important because your whole outlook depends upon it.
There are quite a few levels of thicknesses when it comes to tights:

Ultra sheer (less than 10 denier)

Provides the wearer with an almost nude-like appearance giving them that natural look of bare legs.

Sheer (10 to 20 denier)

More on the see-through end, however, these tights are not too thin to be considered bare. These tights are also more durable than the ultra-sheer ones.

Semi-opaque (21 to 40 denier)

Semi-opaque tights are perfect for seasons that are a little warmer as they provide a decent amount of sheerness while protecting your skin from the heat.

 Opaque (41 to 69 denier)

These tights are almost a solid color, however, they would be perfect for colder weather as they store the heat from your body within them and keep you warm for longer.