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The Hottest Halter Crop Top Keeps You Cool & Stylish In The Heat

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Halter crop tops are perfect for sticky hot weather, weekends at the beach, or just chilling in the backyard. It also means wearing less, simple and more weather appropriate outfits including tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, and shorts.

We have listed below some stylish halter crop tops that will make getting dressed for the day fast and easy. These tops come in a variety of colors and on-trend designs, including the best tie-dye options, and will keep you cool in even the warmest of weather.

These tops are all cropped to different lengths and some come up higher and longer at the waist depending on your preferences. They all have flattering halter necklines, are easy to layer, and pair well with the always comfortable high-waist trend.

Compare the Top Halter Crop Tops of 2024

CLOZOZ Halter Basic Crop Top  —  Best Overall

This basic crop top is an essential piece and made from a sturdy cotton/spandex blend. This thick and stretchy top has a backless halter design with a v-neck front that pairs easily with jeans, pants, or shorts and works even better with the high-waisted trend that seems to be here to stay. Layer with a cropped denim jacket, hoodie or sweater for cooler nights and pair with sweats for a casual yet stylish athleisure look.


  • This top comes in a ton of bright color options


  • This top has no lining or padding in the cup area

Romwe Tie Dye Halter Top  —  Runner Up

There is nothing more on-trend than this tie-dye print top. That print, in conjunction with a knit, halter-style top, makes the perfect everyday shirt. This top features a stretchy soft knit material with a pull-on style closure that is lightweight, soft, and breathable. Additionally, it has a halter-style back with a self-tie neck and is cropped to hit at or above the waistline.


  • The high neck style makes this top very flattering


  • It might not be easy to wear a bra with this top

SweatyRocks Halter Neck Crop Top  —  Honorable Mention

If you prefer slightly less coverage, this halter crop top is definitely one that will get you noticed. This top is backless with a slimmer fit and tie-back closure at the neckline and back area that makes it look just as good from the back as it does in the front. Double-stitched for durability, this top hits above the belly button and will look great paired with all types of denim and flowy, loose pants.


  • This top comes in a bunch of cool vintage geometric and striped prints


  • It is important to review the size chart prior to purchasing

MakeMeChic Halter Crop Top  —  Contender

This scallop trim halter is a great top option that will keep you cool and stylish. This stretchy crop top has a flattering high neckline, spaghetti straps, and a keyhole button-back closure for a more unique look. This crop top isn’t too short and can easily be paired with higher-waisted pants for full coverage and yoga pants or shorts for a casual day in.


  • This shirt comes in a great array of bold color options


  • The white color may be slightly sheer

HUE Blackout Halter Top  —  Also Consider

Another great halter similar to the one above is this midriff bandeau halter. Slightly shorter, this top is stretchy, soft, and makes a perfect layering piece for your button-up shirts, flannels or sweaters and can be worn alone with a pair of high-waisted shorts on a hot day. This top is made from a lightweight, cotton, polyester, and spandex blend for shape and has a slightly ruched, v-neck front to give it some character.


  • This top is not see-through


  • Depending on the length of your waist, this top may be shorter or longer than pictured

SheIn Halter Crop Tops  —  Another Option

This soft and lightweight crop top makes a great layering piece and pairs perfectly with pants, shorts, and skirts. It features spaghetti straps and a high, halter neckline with a racer-type back. Featuring a ribbed knit material, this top has some stretch for comfort and movement and can be worn throughout the year with or without your favorite jacket or cardigan.


  • This is an easy wash and wear top


  • It may be hard to pair a bra with this top

Buying Guide: Halter Crop Tops

What Is a Halter Crop Top?

A halter crop top refers to a type of women’s clothing that loosely covers the front. The top typically uses two narrow straps. One ties the front to the back while the other runs around the back of the neck. Hence, a halter crop top leaves large portions of the body uncovered, including the shoulders, back, midriff, and the area above the waist.

Traditionally, women have used halter crop tops as swimsuits. The backless design offers maximum skin exposure for suntans and reduces unwanted tan lines. However, recently, the top has become a popular choice for loungewear, casual wear, and even gym outfit.

Halter Top vs Crop Top: Is There a Difference?

Since both tend to be short-length tops, it is easier for people to confuse halter tops with crop tops. But, there’s a fine line of difference that must not go unnoticed. Knowing it can greatly enhance your dressing style and sense.

  • A halter top is a mostly backless top that ties around the neck and back using a narrow strap. It leaves most of the shoulders and back bare. However, it may or may not cover the midriff and area above the waist.
  • A crop top is a top-wear that reveals your torso (midriff, above waist, and back). It is available in varying lengths, with some tops more revealing than the rest. The top can have any type of neckline and sleeve length.

As mentioned, a halter crop top is a combination of both. It is a backless top that shows some of your front and back. Certain designs are short-enough to imitate bras.

Why Are Halter Crop Tops Popular?

The halter crop tops first became popular during the late 1960s when movie stars like Betty Grable appeared in public wearing them. They continued to be one of the top fashion trends throughout the 1970s, though the 1980s saw minimum usage. Women used it at beaches or at informal summer parties only.

However, the stylish top-wear resurfaced again during the 1990s. Celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, popularized the top as high-end. Since then, the halter crop tops have remained a go-to choice. Here is why:


These backless tops add a great touch of style and glamor to your outfit. Since the narrow straps become covered by hair, the top gives the impression that nothing is holding it up. This particular design makes your attire appear bold and daunting too.


A halter crop top is quite comfortable and easy to wear. You don’t have to deal with untangling and opening/closing several straps. There are only two narrow ones to tackle. Plus, the minimal use of fabric and skin-revealing design makes the top breathable. More air circulates around your body, keeping you cool and sweat-free. It’s best for use on hot and sticky summer days.


You can pair the halter crop tops with almost anything. From jeans to shorts, these timeless tops look equally good on everything. Also, they form an amazing swimsuit and sun-tanning dress. The maximum skin exposure allows you to get an even tan without those lines and patches.

Types of Halter Crop Tops

Halter crop tops mainly differ in terms of neckline styles. Based on it, here are the most common types of halter crop tops:

Choker neck halter

It features a band of fabric that sits around the neck. The bandwidth may vary, though the fitting remains close and tight. It gives you a nice, elegant look.

Plunge halter

A plunge halter has a deep v-shaped neckline. It is an appropriate choice for lounge and casual wear when paired with loose-fitting trousers or jeans.

Spaghetti halter

It has very thin straps around the neck and back. The spaghetti halter tops give a more intricate and feminine vibe to your outfit.

Handkerchief halter

As the name explains, this type has a handkerchief-style hem. It either has an asymmetric or diamond-shaped hemline. The neckline is simple and covers most of the front.

How to Choose the Right Halter Crop Tops?

There are uncountable halter crop tops present in the market. But, not all of them are suitable for everyone. The perfect halter crop top for you should have certain features. Let’s determine them below!

Style & design

First, the halter crop top should satisfy your aesthetic sense. Its color, pattern, embellishments, and every other design element must align with your style preferences. You may want the top to match a specific outfit. However, if you want a timeless top that you can wear with multiple dressings, we recommend opting for plain and neutral-colored tops. Do not choose saturated colors or heavily-printed tops.


An ill-fitting halter crop top can take away all the trendiness and glamor. You will appear slouchy and awkward. Hence, always measure yourself and purchase a top accordingly. Besides, also consider the coverage offered by the top. Choose a halter crop top that shows as much skin as you're comfortable with.


Halter crop tops are available in a diversity of materials. These include polyester, cotton, silk, chiffon, jersey, and many others. Each fabric gives the top different qualities. For example, cotton halter tops are the most breathable and lightweight. These form an excellent option for hot, sweaty summers. Meanwhile, silk and chiffon add a fancy touch to the top.


Most halter crop tops are durable and machine-friendly. You can wash them with the rest of the laundry stress-freely. However, certain tops may require special care instructions that can be a hassle.