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Take Your Creativity to the Next Level With These Multipurpose Hair Glitters

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Add some quick sparkle to your makeup and hair routine with some loose, chunky glitter. Not just for festivals, this cosmetic-grade glitter can be used on your face, hair, and body to create a ton of magical looks.

We have featured a wide variety of glitters below, including specialty hair glitter and gels, that will bring out the creative artist in you.

These chunky glitters come in a variety of fun solid, iridescent, and holographic colors and make great additions to your next makeup creation. Adorn your face, body, and hair for any upcoming Halloween or holiday parties and you can get creative and use these for nails, craft projects, and slime as well. We have also included some gel-based glitters and glitter-filled hair spray that require no adhesive and make application fast and easy.

Premier Hair Glitter in Detail

iMethod Glitter  —  Best Overall

This cosmetic-grade glitter set comes with six different colors and nine shapes that will help glam up any makeup look. This holographic glitter can be used anywhere on the face, body, and hair and comes in a variety of shapes including hearts, stars, moons, unicorns, and more. A little goes a long way with this glitter and it applies easily to the skin with the adhesive gel using any brush or fingers.


  • This set comes with two waterproof adhesives


  • It might be slightly difficult to remove

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel  —  Runner Up

This glitter gel for the face and body comes in a convenient jar and provides a hassle-free application with no primers or adhesives needed. Made with cosmetic-grade glitter, this gel is safe for the skin and simply applies right out of the tube with your fingers to be swiped on your face, hair, or body. This gel also comes in five holographic shades and can be easily removed with a cotton pad and your favorite makeup remover.


  • This is a vegan and cruelty-free product


  • It is recommended to avoid the eye area

SoJourner Glitter  —  Honorable Mention

This pack of cosmetic glitter is perfect for the face, hair, and body and comes with 16 generous-sized jars of chunky glitter. This glitter comes in a mix of shapes, sizes, and color options and can also be used for nails, craft projects, and even mixed into slime. Use this glitter for your next party, festival, or event, and, because of the large quantity, it can be easily shared with a friend.


  • A glitter glue gel is also included


  • Use a stronger glue if you want longer adhesion

✮ KARIZMA Beauty ✮ Glitter  —  Most Unique

For the unicorn lovers out there, this chunky glitter was made for you. This glitter contains a spectrum of beautiful lavenders, candy pinks, and baby blues, inspired by unicorns with high-intensity pigments, metallics, and iridescent shine. Another great cosmetic-grade option, this glitter is kid-friendly, safe to wear on the skin, and will complement all skin tones.


  • This glitter is vegan and cruelty-free


  • The pot is on the smaller side

Warmfits Glitter  —  Excellent Quality

This set of chunky glitters is made with high-intensity pigments and holographic shine and comes with 12 fun and amazing colors. This glitter is lightweight and durable for long-term use and perfect for sharing with friends, wearing to festivals, and provides tons of beauty experimentation. Use this glitter for nails, slime, face, hair, and body art and it also makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves to sparkle.


  • Apply this glitter using a multipurpose balm for an easy and comfortable application


  • If you prefer small glitter particles, another option might be better

Rock The Locks Glitter Spray  —  Also Consider

If you prefer a no-fuss application, this pink and silver glitter hairspray was made to simply shake up and go. This hairspray provides great hold, shine, and glitter in one convenient bottle that is natural and infused with essential oils and superfruit extracts. This hairspray can be sprayed in the hair and onto the body and is safe for use on kids.


  • This hairspray is scented with a sugar cookie, non-artificial fragrance


  • Depending on the amount used, it can take a while to brush out

Buying Guide: Hair Glitters

Hair glitter is fun at any age.  From youngsters using it to look like unicorns to adults adding the extra touch to their make-up, it is essential for anyone who prefers the extraordinary. However, with the wide variety of hair glitters available in the market, finding the right one for yourself can be hard. In our detailed buyer’s guide, we discuss the main factors that will help you pick a hair glitter that meets all your requirements and is bound to make you shine.

Hair Glitter Texture

The first and most important characteristic to look out for in hair glitter is its texture. Hair glitter comes in many textures, each useful for a specific type of application. The different types of textures in hair glitter are:


Ultra-fine hair glitters resemble craft glitter in appearance. They are most commonly used to fill in hairlines and parted hair to add color to the scalp. These can be used to form uniform lines and are often sparkly but not holographic.


Chunky glitters have different-sized particles with different textures. This helps them give a more 3D effect to designs created with them. They are most holographic and include multiple complementary colors.

Super chunky

Super chunky glitters are very 3D and often require strong adhesives to attach to the hair and/or skin. These glitters have different shapes and sizes of sparkles, glitter dust, and crushed crystals in them. They bring vibrance to any look made using them.


The appearance of the hair glitter plays a big part in what it is bought for. Many people prefer hair glitters that are vibrant and sparkly. This means that their shine should be just as bright in night settings as it is during the daytime.

For most people, the preferred appearance for hair glitter is holographic. This is because this type of glitter tends to change color as light falls on it from different angles. Not only does it make the idea of wearing hair glitter more fun, but leaves room for more creativity.

In certain, more sophisticated styles, people prefer shimmer instead of a bold glitter look. This is done to add shine and radiance to the hair without making it look too striking. Hence, based on the type of overall appearance you are aiming for, you would pick your glitter accordingly.


It is not hair glitter if it isn’t colorful or so the saying goes. Color is one of the most important factors people have in mind when buying hair glitter. The most popular color, without contention, is rainbow. There are different varieties to the rainbow shade, including more than 5 colors at a time. However, it is most preferred due to its opulence and vibrance.

Many people prefer to use colors that complement their skin or hair. If you have fair skin, vibrant colors will usually work well with your complexion. For darker skin tones, blues, reds, or contrasting whites become bold looks.


Safety is one factor that is often overlooked by many people who love to wear glitter. It is easy to get distracted by vibrant colors and sparkles when buying hair glitter, but safety should always be a top concern. Hair glitter can be dangerous for health if ingested or inhaled. In some cases, it can get caught in one’s eyes and cause irritation. If the particles are big enough, glitter may even damage one’s cornea.

Non-toxic hair glitter

The top hair glitters often have non-toxic ingredients mentioned on the label. This ensures that it is safe to use and will not cause any adverse reactions. In most cases, it is safe if you accidentally ingest or inhale small quantities of the hair glitter. Therefore it is relatively risk-free. Always opt for non-toxic glitter when using it on children.

Glitter Types According to Mode of Application

One determining factor in any hair-glitter purchase is its mode of application. Most young people prefer glitter gels as they are easier to put in the hair and require less effort. However, young adults find powder or paste glitters more appealing. Here are the main modes of application:

Glitter gels

Glitter gels often come in tubes and are very easy to apply. They can be applied to the scalp, skin, and hair. You do not need fixing sprays or adhesives to hold the glitter in place.

Glitter powders

Glitter powders are usually very fine and require an adhesive base to stick to. They are likely to shed with time but this can be fixed with the use of a fixing spray. They are applied with the help of brushes, sponges, or bare fingers.

Glitter pastes

Glitter pastes are the most common type of glitters used. They are easy to apply with brushes and fingertips. Their thick consistency often makes them stay in place once dried. However, some are still reinforced with fixing coats to keep them in place for longer.

Glitter sprays

The least common type of glitter application is through glitter sprays. The spray formula is used on the hair via stencils to cover large sections of hair at a time. They often wash away with water.


Most hair glitters are durable due to the fixing gels and sprays used with them. However, another factor of durability is whether they are solvent-proof and water-proof or not. Being waterproof ensures that during parties and events the glitter is not displaced or smudged. Long-lasting glitter can be removed using cleansing oil whilst ordinary glitter can be removed using shampoo and water. Durability is an important factor for makeup artists and fashion bloggers as they like their looks to last for longer.