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Add Some Sleek Style to Your Glasses With These Colorful Chains

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While eyeglass chains are definitely not a new thing, they have become even more relevant these days as some can do double-duty and make chic holders for all the masks we are wearing on a daily basis.

Below we have rounded up a few stylish glasses chains for women. These chains are universal and will fit almost all glasses including reading, sunglasses, prescription, and any other type you tend to wear. They come with sturdy grips on the end to ensure they stay in place all day long.

We have included metallic chains, ones full of color, and beaded options that will not only keep your glasses from falling and getting lost or broken but will make wearing them a fun experience.

Comparing the Top Glasses Chain For Women

Sigonna Glasses String Holder  —  Best Overall

This premium sunglass holder set includes four multicolor beaded cords. These chains are reinforced to ensure they stay tight on your glasses so they won’t slip out and the string is suitable for all types of glasses. These will fit both reading and sunglasses and the cord itself features a universal length to securely hold the glasses.


  • This set comes with four replacement elastic loops
  • The set comes with four different colored chains


  • The chain may be on the longer side

Half Crescen Eyeglass Chains  —  Runner Up

Suitable for sunglasses, reading, safety, and prescription glasses, these eyeglass chains will help them comfortably hang on your chest or rest on top of your head. This silver chain is comprised of small metal beads between the alloy chain while both ends have adjustable holder loops with a metal coil.


  • The gel ends can be removed to turn this into a stylish necklace
  • It comes beautifully packaged, making it great for gifting


  • These should not come in contact with lotions or oils

Crimmy Eyeglasses Necklace Chain  —  Honorable Mention

This is another great pair of fashion-forward eyeglass chains. Similar to our other options, they have specially designed adjustable universal connectors that fit most glasses, frames, and arms and have anti-slip loops. This chain is comprised of different types of beading that will not fade and the chain itself will not cause an allergic reaction when worn around the neck.


  • This chain can also be used to hold face masks
  • There are two different colors to choose from


  • These may contain some nickel

Frienda Beaded Eyeglass Chains  —  Editor's Pick

This set of two super cute eyeglass chains is made of metal and crystal with gel ends that will help prevent the glasses from slipping. The colorful beads that adorn the chain are bold and bright and they come with two extra replacement silicone ends just in case.


  • This chain is rustproof and will not cause any skin irritation
  • It is suitable for both daily wear and formal occassions


  • These are very fragile

Half Crescent Eyeglass Chain  —  Also Consider

With this chain doing double-duty as a mask holder in addition to an eyeglass chain, this option will become an invaluable piece. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this stylish “snake” design works with all types of glasses including prescription, sunnies, reading, and safety glasses, and they also have the all-important anti-slip grips on each end.


  • It will not irritate the skin
  • This chain will not get tangled in your hair


  • Do not use near lotions, hairsprays, or other chemicals as it can dull the chain

Buying Guide: Glasses Chain for Women

If you’re looking for a fashionable solution for your glasses, look no further than the top glasses chains for women in 2024. Here’s everything you’ve got to know about this stylish accessory.

What Are Glasses Chains for Women?

Glasses and shades alike look great when worn, but it can be very tiring to put them back into your case when you’re not using them. That’s where glasses chains come in - they hold your glasses by the temples, ensuring that they don’t fall as they rest on your torso while you take them off.

Glasses chains are also adorned with various precious stones and patterns to make them stand out even more. As such, they can even serve as a form of jewelry, depending on how you wear them.

Why Do You Need a Glasses Chain?

You can take off your glasses without putting them back in the case

For people who use glasses and shades for aesthetic or reading purposes, you probably won’t need to wear them all the time. For shades, in particular, it’d look a little awkward to have them on while you’re indoors, as there’s no sun to protect your eyes from. The problem is that the default action to take is to place the glasses and shades back in their case, a process that can take quite a while depending on who’s doing it.

So instead of reaching out for your bag, rummaging through your bag for the case, and placing the glasses back in, all you have to do with a glasses chain is to simply take the glasses and shades off. The chain wraps around the back of your neck, so the glasses will simply fall down onto your chest instead of just tumbling to the floor. It’s a very simple solution, and whenever you want to put the glasses back on, the process is just as easy.

They prevent your glasses from falling off

If you’re the active person who moves around a lot, there’s a good chance that you’ve dropped a pair of glasses at least once in your life. It’s very difficult to keep a pair of glasses or shades in place as you move about, as it’ll slowly attempt to wiggle its way out of your ears. And while your glasses may not be falling off right now, they may fall off during the worst possible times, such as while you’re crossing the street or staring off a cliff or balcony.

As a form of insurance, glasses chains keep your glasses in place even when they end up slipping off your ears. It’s an unlikely occurrence, but at least you’ll be prepared for it nonetheless just in case it does happen.

They’re fashionable accessories in their own right

Glasses chains can serve more than just a practical purpose. You see, many glasses chains made these days come with ornate patterns and designs, and some are even slotted with stones and gems, both faux and authentic. This gives you even more customization for your look, and you can make casual attire look a whole lot more luxurious with the help of some fancy-looking chains.

Things to Consider When Buying Glasses Chain

Chain length

Like a necklace, a glasses chain should be at a certain length if you want to wear them properly without looking odd. Ideally, the chains will curve at around your shoulder height and make an almost 90-degree turn towards the back of your neck from the glasses. This is the ideal length, as any shorter would make the chain look too, well, short. And if the chain was too long, you’d have it droop down far lower than your shoulder height.

This can be pretty difficult to really nail the first time, so we recommend trying out glasses chains in-person before buying them online. However, you can still buy them online if you do your research through things such as product reviews - just know what you’re doing, and you should be good to go.


Glasses chains can range from incredibly simple and basic to incredibly ornate and patterned. This gives you a lot of design freedom, and depending on the theme and look you’re going for, you’ve got quite a few options. For formal, sleek attires, simple chains work best. They also have the benefit of being cheaper, as they’re only made out of metal and nothing else.

If you want something a little more luxurious, then get chains slotted with stones or with elegant chain patterns. These types of chains are sort of jewelry in their own right, and even if they may not be real gems, they’ll still look far more extravagant than something like a regular chain. However, these chains may cost you a little bit more, and if you’re buying ones with authentic jewelry, even more so, so be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on them.