The Best Cat Eye Sunglasses You Can Buy For A Stylish Look!

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Cat eye glasses are also known as cat glasses or cat eyes. It is one of the most popular shapes for eyewear that women across the globe widely use. This form has a close relation to the browline style. The style became very popular in the 1950s and 1960s among women, and it is still in trend. As per the shape, this style looks better on a person who has an oval face type. But women with other face types also don't hesitate to wear it on different occasions. To get the leading cat eye sunglasses in 2024, you can have a look at some of the best options we’ve picked below.

Comparing the Top Cat Eye Sunglasses of 2024 in Detail

FEISEDY Sunglasses  —  Best Overall

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • The glasses have a lens width of 52 millimeters
  • The one-piece nose pad is available to reduce the pressure on noise while wearing them
  • The lens is capable of totally blocking the UVB AND UVA rays coming from the sun
  • Available in 10 color options

For a timeless trendy look, you should try these retro square cat eye sunglasses to stand out from the crowd. It has a lightweight acetate frame which is very durable and flattering. Moreover, you can wear it with remarkable comfort, and it is user-friendly. The lenses will 100% block the harmful light coming from the sun, which is detrimental for your eyes. It will efficiently protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.

SOJOS Sunglasses  —  Runner Up

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • It has a metal frame which provides better durability to the sunglasses
  • Available in different lens color options and lenses have mirror coating
  • Solid metal hinges make it suitable for prolonged everyday use
  • Silicone nose pads are present, which can fit different shapes of the nose

It's time to enjoy your outdoor life without the worry of harmful sun rays. The lenses in these cat eye sunglasses will provide you UV400 protection. You will get 100% protection from the ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, the lens allows you to see the actual colors in your surroundings without any glare. It is made using high-quality materials, which makes it hard and durable enough to last longer.

WearMe Sunglasses  —  Honorable Mention

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • The round flat lens sunglasses meet the European Safety Standards
  • The glasses are made with metal and plastic for better durability
  • Polycarbonate frame and solid metal hinges ensure great comfort
  • Lenses have a mirror coating and are made using high-quality plastic

This pair of cat eye sunglasses provide a trendy cat-eye design. Offer you 100% protection from UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays which are harmful to your eyes. It has a lens width of 54 and a lens height of 46 millimeters. Women of all ages can wear it without any worry. Moreover, you get the freedom to pick different colors according to your fashion sense.

Mosanana Sunglasses  —  Most Convenient

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • The package includes sunglasses, two leather pouches, and one soft cloth to clean the glasses
  • The frame is made with plastic, and lenses are made using polycarbonate, which makes it lightweight
  • More comprehensive designs provide great comfort and better ergonomics
  • Also has a metal hinge for maximum durability and to firmly close it after usage

These cat eye sunglasses are available in a pack of 2. They have sharp angles for a bold look. The lenses come with UV 400 protection to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. It provides you with clear vision, and you will see the actual color in your surroundings. Moreover, it is durable enough to withstand strong impact.

YOSHYA Sunglasses  —  Most Reliable

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Anti-scratch coating is present on the lens to protect it from scratches and extend the lenses' life
  • Environment and skin-friendly materials let you wear the sunglasses for a long time without any fatigue
  • It also has metal hinges present, which offers better durability for everyday use
  • A lightweight elastic arm provides a stress-free wearing experience

Stylish and simple cat eye sunglasses are the best for women to use daily. It provides HD visuals without compromising on the color details. The lenses are capable of blocking the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Moreover, it also reduces the glare to protect the eyes in the best way possible.

Livho Sunglasses  —  Also Consider

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • High-definition lenses offer clear vision, which makes it best for outdoor activity and driving
  • It has strong hinges, which make it more durable
  • Lightweight and elastic arms provide you stress-free wearing experience
  • Skin-friendly materials allow you to wear them for a long time

These retro-style cat eye sunglasses have an unbreakable PC frame which allows the users to use them for a long time. It has a composite lens that provides you with great visuals, and they are non-polarized. The lens has a width of 58 millimeters. Moreover, the lenses have UV400 protection to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Merry's Sunglasses  —  Best Buy

cat eye sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • The lenses have a mirror coating
  • Metal welding technology is used to craft these sunglasses
  • The soft silicone nose pad provides you a comfortable fit without an allergic reaction
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product

These sunglasses promise to provide you with an elegant look without any compromise. The lenses inside the glasses come with UV400 protection, and the frame is made using an alloy. Furthermore, it also has a high-quality metal hinge with a firm screw for a firm closure. It comes in exquisite packaging, including sunglasses, a case for glasses, a pouch for safekeeping, a soft cleaning cloth, and a user manual.

Buyer's Guide: Finding Your Perfect Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become a fashion trend. Women love to wear them while driving, going out shopping, or for various outdoor activities. You will see sunglasses available in different shapes and styles. One of the most prominent styles is the cat eye, which is quite popular among women who like making a style statement with their accessories. This style has various designs which you can wear according to your fashion preferences. 

Are you confused about buying the right sunglasses in cat-eye style? You don't have to be because the following buying guide is for your help!

What Are Different Styles Available in Cat Eye Glasses?

Let's begin our discussion by looking at the different cat-eye design glasses you can get in the market. Majorly, there are two styles; one is classic and the second is modern.

Classic style

The cat-eye style became popular in the 1950s, and till now, different trends have evolved to a greater extent. The classic style is further divided into the following types:

  • Black: This option is for the classic look. You can easily find them in different shops. Companies like Ray-Ban provide a chunky black look with extended wingtips.
  • Red: If you want to get a retro-look, then this is the right option for you! These are available in striking and bold colors. Moreover, it also provides a modern twist on the class look for those who want to play with colors. When buying this type, do consider your skin tone.
  • Tortoise: This is also a trendy look, and it is a pattern on the sunglasses which makes it look different than others.
  • Rhinestone: This style provides an elevated vintage look. It would be best to pair up the semi-rimless frame with the rhinestone cat-eye upper rims to get sunglasses that stand out.

Modern style

The vintage style is still popular but if you want to get a more trendy and modern style, then below are some of the options:

  • Semi-rimless: In this, you will see no bulkiness on the bottom rim. It provides you with a more bold and modern look.
  • Oversized: These glasses are trendy, and they have smaller lenses that resemble the shape of an eye. The lenses present in these glasses have a D-shape.
  • Accented: This is a color-blocked version with a contrasting color edge to draw all the attention on the wing without dominating your face.

Which Face Type Is Ideal to Wear the Cat Eye Sunglasses?

Now, we will look at the different face types on which the cat-eye design sunglasses will look better:

  • Round: Such face type has the same height and width with a rounded hairline and jawline. The traditional cat-eye design with an extended wing and sloping bottom rim draws attention upward to make the wider face look slimmer.
  • Oval: The oval face is longer than being wider. The cheekbones are vast in comparison to the chin or forehead. People with this face type can wear any glasses, including the cat eye.
  • Square: This face type is round, linear, or curvier; pick the cat eyeglasses with a more rounded shape, and the wing's angle should not be too pointy.
  • Heart: The person with this face type has a forehead and cheekbones of the same width and slimmer chin. People with this face type should pick a frame that is a little wider than their forehead.
  • Diamond: In this type, an individual has prominent cheekbones which are more comprehensive than the chin or forehead. As cat eye style glasses emphasize the brow line. They will look good, and go for semi-rimless or rimmed frames.
  • Oblong: This face type resembles an oval face shape which is wide and long. The decorative details and bold hues will look better on this face type coupled with the cat eye will look good.

What Key Points to Consider When Buying Cat Eye Sunglasses?

As said, cat-eye is just a style, so when you are going to buy the sunglasses with this style or any other style, you have to keep the following points in your mind:

UV protection

It is important because the primary purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes and the skin around them from harmful ultraviolet rays coming directly from the sun. Look for the glasses whose lenses have UV400 protection to 100% block and repel the UV rays.

Pick bigger sunglasses

More coverage means that there will be less damage caused by the sun. When buying the sunglasses, try to pick the wraparound or oversized sunglasses. This will assist in reducing the amount of UV rays entering your eyes. While choosing oversized sunglasses, don't forget about the excellent fit and comfort.

Additional features

Some additional features which you have to keep in your mind are:

  • Polarized Filter: This will be useful for cutting the reflected glare, especially while driving, boating, out in the snow.
  • Gradient Tint: This also helps in cutting the glare from the sun and lets you see clearly. 
  • Mirror Coating: These are thin layers that help in minimizing the amount of visible light entering your eyes.
  • Photochromatic Lenses: Such lenses become dark in bright light situations and brighten up in low-light conditions.

What Is the Price Range for Cat Eye Sunglasses?

The price for the cat-eye style sunglasses is between $11 to $330. A considerable price variation is due to the build quality and the additional features available in the lenses. Brands like Gucci, Ray-Ban, and many more sell the sunglasses between a price range of $79 to $280 depending on the brand and characteristics of the sunglasses. Furthermore, glasses with UV protection, photochromatic lenses, and anti-scratch lenses have higher prices than sunglasses.

Moving on, sunglasses that use metal frames and high-quality plastic cost you a little more than sunglasses made with plastic. To get quality sunglasses which you can wear for a long time, you will have to pay a little more!