Combine Protection and Style With The Best Aviator Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are one of the essential fashion accessories which men and women love to wear! You will see different styles and designs of sunglasses that you can buy based on your choice. One of the most popular styles available is that of aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses were made by an American firm known as Bausch and Lomb. Now, it is marketed under the name of Ray-Ban aviators. However, various sunglasses manufacturing companies are also making this style for consumers. They are also known as pilot glasses because they were made explicitly for pilots. Due to this, they were named aviators. To buy a great pair of aviator sunglasses in 2024, you should have a look at the list of top picks that we’ve put together.

Comparing the Top Aviator Sunglasses of 2024 in Detail

SOJOS Sunglasses  —  Best Overall

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • The lenses are capable of reducing the glare to the maximum extent
  • A variety of lens colors are available, and they have mirror coating on them
  • The frame of the sunglasses is made from metal which offers maximum durability
  • Spring hinges make it easy to use them for a long time

Buy these aviator sunglasses to enjoy the outdoors without any fear of UV rays. These glasses have lenses that come with UV400 protection to provide 100% blockage for the UVA and UVB rays. You will not have to compromise on the visual clarity and can see all-natural colors in your surroundings. Moreover, it is durable enough to withstand a strong impact.

LUENX Sunglasses  —  Runner Up

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Lenses offer high-definition visuals with great colors
  • Flexible arms provide you comfortable wearing experience for daily use
  • Lightweight frame is durable and shatterproof
  • Manufacturers offer you a 30 days return warranty

A great option if you want polarized aviator sunglasses. It has a solid metal frame that is very durable and has horizontal stripes. Moreover, the lenses present in the glasses come with a UV400 coating to keep the sun's harmful rays away from your eyes. It is made using metal-cored material for durability and smooth texture. The adjustable nose pads will provide you with a comfortable fit according to your nose.

MXNX Sunglasses  —  Honorable Mention

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Has spring-hinged legs for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads are also present to fit well on your nose
  • Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities
  • Exquisite packing includes one case, pouch, soft cleaning cloth, and special screwdriver for sunglasses

Great aviator sunglasses help restore the actual color of the person’s surroundings due to their high-definition optical lenses. The lenses are polarized to block 100% UV rays from the sun. Furthermore, it also reduces the glare on the roads while driving, snow, and water bodies. The classic design enables you to wear it with any of your clothes for the best style statement

Livho Sunglasses  —  Most Convenient

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • It comes with comfortable nose pads made from silicone for a proper nose fit and excellent comfort
  • Strong hinges make it firm enough for easy closing and opening
  • Lenses are scratch-resistant and also reduce the surface reflections
  • Lightweight frame is best for daily use

These aviator sunglasses look stylish and provide excellent protection for your eyes as well. It has a polarized UV400 protection lens to keep the harmful UV rays away from your eyes. These sunglasses promise to provide high-definition visuals without any compromise on the viewing of natural colors in the surrounding. It has a great resistance against the strong impact due to its excellent build.

SUNGAIT Sunglasses  —  Most Reliable

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Bayonet unbreakable piece which is not going to fall quickly
  • HD polarized lenses provide clear vision with no glare
  • Has screw bolt hinges for better durability
  • Glossy and anti-scratch carving metal temple for a stylish look

Military-style aviator sunglasses are perfect for all-year-round usage. These have a full metal frame which is lightweight and sturdy. The TAC polarized lenses will effectively block the 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Moreover, it also has skin-friendly nose pads with no worries of skin allergy for excellent comfort and fitting. It comes in exquisite packing, including sunglasses, a bag for glasses, and a cleaning cloth.

Ray-Ban Mirrored Sunglasses  —  Also Consider

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Get multiple frames and lens colors per your choice, along with different sizes
  • Mirrored lenses block 85% of visible light and blue light
  • Better color contrast and exceptional clarity along with natural vision
  • Case included for protection and a soft cloth for cleaning the sunglasses

This is one of the iconic aviator sunglasses models which you will see people wearing across the globe. The popularity of these sunglasses is due to their unmatched premium quality and comfortable fit. These sunglasses have high-quality crystal mirrored lenses that offer 100% UV protection. Furthermore, the lenses also improve vision in various light conditions.

BOTPOV Sunglasses  —  Best Value for Your Money

aviator sunglasses reviews

Key Features

  • Has high-quality metal spring hinges for firm closing and opening
  • Adjustable temple end tips provide the perfect fitting as per your face
  • Soft silicone nose pads are anti-allergic and provide excellent comfort and fit at the same time
  • Metal frame is made from antioxidant multi-layer plating for long-term usage

Enjoy various outdoor activities by protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun with the help of polarized lenses. The lens has UV400 protection which is the highest level of protection. You are going to get a high-definition visual with fantastic color contrast when you wear these aviator sunglasses. Additionally, the lenses also offer glare reduction while driving on water or snow surfaces.

Buying Guide to Help You Find the Perfect Aviators

Sunglasses, be they in aviator style or any other style, play a significant role in protecting our eyes. To buy them for protection and to look trendy, you have to be aware of some essential points to pick the right product for yourself. In the market, you will see different colors of frame, lens color, and various designs. It might confuse you if you are going to buy aviator sunglasses for the first time. But there is nothing to worry about because we are here to assist you moving in the right direction with our comprehensive guide for the right purchase:

How to Pick the Right Aviator Sunglasses?

You can pick the right type by considering styles, lens color, and different materials used for making the glasses.

Styles available

First of all, we will discuss the different styles you can buy depending on your own choice. The list of various styles are as follows:

  • Navigator: This style has a square look. It has square edges, which provide a stylish look.
  • Classic teardrop: It will offer you a classic look. Due to its excellent design, you will get full coverage from sunlight while wearing it.
  • Sporty: Are you a sports lover who wants to look stylish while protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun? The sporty design is the best for such people, and they can use it while running, biking, boating, or even driving.

Lens colors

Another vital consideration is the color of the lenses. We are not just talking about the ordinary color here; it is the tint color. Different tint colors available in the sunglasses provide light blocking features and different levels of color enhancement.

  • Mirrored: This lens will reflect and absorb the maximum glare due to the snow or water surfaces.
  • Dark Gray: When you are going out, it will block the light and help you protect your eyes from the bright sunlight.
  • Green: This is the original and classic color which you can get! It will not darken the things and will not saturate the colors.
  • Brown: This type can develop saturation for making details clearer and easily brighten up the surroundings.
  • Graduated: This lens has the qualities of both brown and dark gray lenses, which is a great option.

Materials used

Aviator sunglasses are made using three different types of materials. The list of materials is as follows:

  • Metal: You will see classic aviators made with metal. The frame is of metal for better durability and provides a silver finish.
  • Plastic: Nowadays, the use of aviators is enormous in comparison to the past. So, if you are fashion-forward, then consider trying the plastic line-up of aviators.
  • Mixed Lens: Aviators are also made with a mixture of plastic along the metal. It will offer both - a sporty and classic look.

What Key Factors to Consider When Buying Aviator Style Sunglasses

When buying aviators, you also need to keep a few other essential factors in your mind for a suitable purchase:

Lens quality

Lenses are the key elements that will enable you to see clearly with the help of your sunglasses. It would be best if you never compromised on the quality of your lenses by buying ordinary lenses. To properly check the quality of your lenses, hold them at arm's length in a straight line and look through lenses at a distance to identify imperfection. For this, you can consider checking the edge of a door. Once you do that, slowly move the glass in a line. If the straight edge curves or moves, this depicts that the lens is not of perfect quality.

Know your face type

Every person has a different face type. The face types are oval, round, square, rectangle, heart, diamond, and oblong-shaped. When buying sunglasses or even prescription glasses, you should keep your face type in mind. Don't just focus on the design; the purpose of purchasing the sunglasses is to protect the eyes with proper fit, not just to look good! Get assistance from the staff present in the shop to get the right glasses as per your face type.

Additional features

When people buy aviator sunglasses, they look for some other additional features alongside the standard features. The extra features make the product more valuable. For instance, UV400 protection for lenses will protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which is the highest level of protection you can get. In addition to this, you can get lenses with anti-glare properties or go for lenses with multiple coatings to make them scratch-resistant.

What Is the Price Range for Aviator Sunglasses?

The price of aviator sunglasses is not low! Different companies like Ray-Ban, Prada, and many more make aviator-style sunglasses. If you want to buy it directly from Ray-Ban, consider spending between $128 to $222. There is a wide variety available, and you can pick your favorite one according to the face type, color, and style you want!

If you want to buy it from the local companies, expect to pay between $32 to $100 depending on the brand and features you will get for that value.

How to Protect Your Aviator Sunglasses?

As these sunglasses are not cheap, you need to take care of the product in the right way to use it for a long duration. Some of the tips to keep your aviator sunglasses safe are as follows:

  • Always use a premium microfiber cloth to clean your lenses. If you are not going to use the soft fabric, this might put scratches on the surface of the lens.
  • Keep them inside a protective case or pouch when not in use.
  • It is best to use approved lens cleaners that manufacturers sell.
  • Take special care of polarized or mirrored lenses by following all instructions given by the manufacturers.
  • Ensure that the fit of your sunglasses is proper to avoid them from falling off.