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Tory Lanez: 5 Things To Know About The Rapper Who Denied Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez is making headlines for more than just his incredible talent, as he's called the allegations in Megan Thee Stallion's shooting 'falsified information.' We've got five things to know about the rapper.

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UPDATE (10/21/20, 00:09 AM ET): After Tory Lanez’s arrest on July 12, 2020, the rapper was charged with “assaulting a female friend” (who was named Megan P., which is Megan Thee Stallion’s legal name, in charging documents) on Oct. 8. He was charged with one felony count each for “assault with a semiautomatic firearm — personal use of a firearm — and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle,” the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office had announced. He faces up to 22 years in prison if convicted. Despite these charges and Megan’s allegations, Tory denied (again) that he shot the rapper, whom he said he still looks at like a “friend” during an Instagram Live session on Oct. 20.

“And it’s crazy because the whole thing about it is like when this whole debacle, or whatever you call it, came about the whole time it’s like she knows what happened, I know what happened and we know that what you’re saying and what the alleged things, alleged accusations of my name is, are not true. It’s falsified information,” Tory insisted during the Instagram Live. He added, “It’s false information and it’s not accurate information.”

ORIGINALTory Lanez went from having fun at a house party in the Hollywood Hills in the early morning hours of July 12 to JAIL, after he was arrested and held on gun charges. The Canadian-born rapper was booked on felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle. He was ordered held on $35K bond, which he put up just a few hours after being finger printed and processed.  Tory — real name Daystar Peterson — was out from behind bars a few hours later, according to a police report obtained by HollywoodLife.com. 

Tory wasn’t alone at the time of his bust, as rumored girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion was with him, TMZ reported. An argument allegedly erupted outside of a party at a private residence around 4:30am, and shots were fired into the air. Witnesses told the site that an SUV at the scene then sped off. Police quickly located a vehicle matching the description, and TMZ reported that the cops found Tory and Megan inside, along with an unidentified woman and a gun. Megan was reportedly hospitalized, as she had a cut on her foot due to broken glass on the floor of the vehicle, while Tory was taken away to jail. We’ve 5 things to know about the Toronto-based rapper, right here.

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez appears on ‘Good Morning Britain’ TV show in London on Apr. 5, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

1. Drake put him on the map. It was thanks to a remix of Drake’s “Controlla” that Tory skyrocketed to fame. After posting the remix to the internet, the track blew up, and racked up millions of views on SoundCloud. Though the two were rumored to have beef with one another, that was all squashed when both rappers hit the stage together at the 2017 OVO Fest in Toronto. Drake invited Tory to join him for a rendition of the hit song.

2. His live show is INSANE. Tory brings the energy to his live show, and is known for his crazy antics which can include climbing the walls, swinging from stage equipment, or an impromptu crowd surf session. “I am the greatest lie [sic] show performer period. no ni**a in urban music can see me live … IDGAF” he once said of his wild stage game.

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez crushing it at the Wireless Festival in London’s Finsbury Park, on July 5, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

3. He got his stage name when he was a kid. Tory’s stage name is actually a combination of two childhood nicknames. Thanks to the fact he loved being outdoors as a kid, and was always running around, playing in the streets, he received the nickname “Lanez.” Later, the rapper began to refer to himself as “Notorious,” after Biggie Smalls, which was eventually shortened to “Tory.”

4. Music helped him through his mother’s death. Tory’s mother Luella died from a rare disease when he was only 11. “At the time I was being very bad because I didn’t know how to express myself” he told the Guardian. “Music gave me an outlet to express myself and channel that anger,” he said, of the situation.

5. He’s sick of people referring to Toronto as ‘the 6.’ Get the lingo straight. It might have once been cool to call the Canadian city by it’s well-known nickname, but Tory made his opinions clear about the cliche in a now-deleted Tweet. Don’t go calling Toronto ‘the 6’ around him!