Taylor Hale: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Cast Member

Taylor Hale has been on the outs since the start of 'Big Brother 24,' but she's still in the running to win $750,000. Learn more about Taylor here.

Taylor Hale
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Season 24 of Big Brother is off to a dramatic start. We’ve had new twists, powerful alliances created, and then broken, and one contestant, Paloma Aguilar, that quit the show on Day 8. But nobody has gone through more in the house so far than Taylor Hale. Taylor, 27, has been an outsider in the house since the premiere, and some of her fellow houseguests have even said unkind things about her. That’s caused a stir outside the game on social media. But Taylor is still surviving in the game and has her sights set on the $750,000 grand prize.

So, who is Taylor Hale? Here are five things to know about the gorgeous, standout contestant from season 24 of Big Brother.

Taylor Hale
Taylor Hale (Photo: CBS)

Taylor is a personal stylist.

Taylor works as a personal stylist, according to her bio on CBS. That’s not surprising, considering she’s always serving looks with her outfit choices on her Instagram. When she entered the Big Brother house on July 6, Taylor wore a stunning turquoise dress that complimented her skinny figure.

She won Miss Michigan.

Taylor started her pageant career competing for Miss District of Columbia USA in 2017, where she finished in the top 15. Four years later, she was crowned Miss Michigan USA in 2021. Taylor went on to compete in Miss USA but didn’t place, though she was named Miss Congeniality 2021.

She describes herself as ‘very optimistic’.

In her Big Brother pregame interview with Parade, Taylor said she’s “very optimistic,” which she predicted would annoy her houseguests. “I won’t say I’m a bubbly person, but I am very outgoing. And I know that typically those people are the ones that have some trouble sticking it out in the long run in the game.”

She’s on the outs in the ‘Big Brother’ house.

Taylor hasn’t been brought into any major alliances and she’s been a target for the entire house. In the first week, Taylor was nominated against fellow houseguest Terrence Higgins and was expected to go home. But Paloma quit the game and the eviction was canceled. She was nominated again in Week 2, this time against Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli. However, majority of the house wants to evict Pooch, which means Taylor should live to see another day.

She’s beloved by fans and ‘BB’ alums.

The BB24 cast’s treatment of Taylor has been criticized by fans and alums of the show. Xavier Prather, the winner of season 23, spoke out about the controversy on social media. He explained that the way Taylor’s been treated is why he and his fellow Black houseguests formed the Cookout alliance in season 23. The fans are rooting hard for Taylor and hope to see her overcome the odds and win the season.

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