Sir Blayke: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Idol’ Top 24 Singer Who Was Once Homeless

Sir Blayke is one of the lucky top 24 singers taking the stage during the April 11 episode of 'American Idol.' Get to know this rising star who revealed that he was homeless at one point in his life.

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Sir Blayke
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Sir Blayke is one of the talented singers competing to become the next champion of American Idol. The 28-year-old Chicago-born singer has made the top 24 and will be taking the stage in Hawaii during the April 11 episode. Sir Blayke has had major ups and downs to get to where he is, and he refuses to give up on his dreams.

So, who is Sir Blayke? He’s been homeless and written a song for a major music star. From his background to his famous pal, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things to know about Sir Blayke.

Sir Blayke
Sir Blayke during his top 24 performance in Hawaii. (ABC)

1. Sir Blayke was once homeless. 

Right after high school, Sir Blayke took the $100 he had to his name and left Chicago for Atlanta to pursue a music career. “I became homeless in Atlanta,” Sir Blayke admitted during his season 20 audition. “I was an intern at a studio and didn’t nobody know I was homeless. I literally would go to sleep on a bench.” He revealed that he got a gym membership just so he would be able to shower.

Sir Blayke has since moved to Los Angeles. “I’m still struggling, but I’m happy with what I have so far,” he said. Sir Blayke is not giving up on his dream to make it big in music.

2. Sir Blayke is his stage name.

Sir Blayke’s real names Charlton “Blayke” Ridgell. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He now resides in Los Angeles and works as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

3. Sir Blayke is friends with Ester Dean.

Ester Dean is Sir Blayke’s friend and mentor. Ester is known for writing hit songs for Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. “Her advice has been monumental, she’s been hard on me and I love it, from Chicago, you gotta be hard on us because we’re some tough cookies, for sure,” Sir Blayke told ABC7 Chicago. “The best advice she ever really gave: ‘sing your story, show them your story, let them feel your story, cause we all have a story.'”

4. Sir Blayke helped pen a song for Sevyn Streeter. 

Back in February 2022, Sir Blayke revealed that he’d co-written the song “Nobody” with Seyvn Streeter and Prince Chrishan. Sevyn responded to his post, “Thx Blayke.” Prince Chrishan wrote, “Your year champ.”

Sir Blayke
Sir Blayke during Hollywood Week. (ABC)

5. Sir Blayke knew he wanted to perform at a young age.

“I knew I wanted to do music at a very early age,” Sir Blayke revealed during his audition. His mother was a choir director at church, and he had his first solo performance when he was just 8 years old.