‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 24 Is Revealed After Showstopper Performances & Final Judgement

More cuts were made on the April 4 episode of 'American Idol,' as the judges chose their top 24 after watching the Showstopper performances and making the Final Judgement.

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The remaining contestants took the stage with a full band for the first time on season 20 of American Idol on the show’s April 4 episode. Leah Marlene is the first contestant called to meet with the judges for her Final Judgement. For her Showstoppers performance, she sang “She’s A Self Made Man,” and Katy Perry hailed her the “guitar queen.” Although the judges did wish the vocals were a bit stronger, they moved Leah onto the top 24.

Next is Jay Copeland, who received the platinum ticket during his audition in Austin, Texas earlier this season. For Showstoppers, Jay gave it his all while singing “Jar of Hearts.” Katy told Jay that he’s “almost a perfect singer,” but warned him that “sometimes perfection doesn’t win over feeling.” Jay still had enough to help him move on, though, and he’s in the top 24.

american idol judges
Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

‘American Idol’ Season 20 Showstoppers Performances 

The next contestant highlighted is Nicolina Bozzo. She performed an energetic rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” for her Showstopper performance. The judges told her that she’s moving onto the top 24 before she even sits down at her Final Judgement.

Ryleigh Madison and Emyrson Flora were brought into the Final Judgement together. Emyrson switched it up from her usual ballads by singing Kehlani’s “Honey” for Showstoppers. Meanwhile, Ryleigh knew she had to nail her Showstopper performance after a rough duets round. She sang “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes. Lionel Richie revealed that only one of the two 16-year-old singers would be moving on, and it was Emyrson, as Ryleigh just wasn’t quite there yet.

allegra miles
Allegra Miles performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

Next, Katyrah Love sang “Sweet Thing” for her Showstoppers performance. She hit an insane high note, and it helped her earn a spot in the top 24, despite not always singing “flawlessly.” Fritz Hager took a risk and sang an original song for the first time during Showstoppers. He wrote the song for his sister after they had a fight with their parents. The risk paid off, as Fritz made it into the top 24.

After singing “Is That Alright?” by Lady Gaga, returning contestant, Jacob Moran, also got a spot in the top 24. Allegra Miles found out at Final Judgement that she was in the top 24, as well.

‘American Idol’ Final Judgement Sing-Off

Cameron Whitcomb and Ava Maybee became best friends amidst Hollywood Week on this season of American Idol. Of course, they were both desperately hoping that they would both make the top 24. Ava sang “Falling” by Harry Styles for Showstoppers, while Cameron performed “It Ain’t Me, Babe”. Cameron moved right onto the top 24, but Ava had a bit more of a journey to get there.

cameron whitcomb
Cameron Whitcomb during his Showstopper performance. (ABC)

Ava went into her Final Judgement with another contestant with “similar vibes,” Yoli Mayor. The judges were having a hard time deciding which of the two women to push through, so they had them compete in a sing-off “on the spot.” Ava went first, followed by Yoli. In the end, it was Ava who was chosen to move on, while Yoli was eliminated. Douglas Mills Jr., Sam Moss and Betty Maxwell were also told that they would not be moving forward.

Next, Sir Blayke headed to his Final Judgement after performing “Honesty” at Showstoppers. Although the judges admittedly wanted a bit more confidence from Blayke, he gave them enough to earn a spot in the top 24. Elli Rowe and Mike Parker also found out that they would be part of the top 24 after impressive Showstoppers performances.

Tristen Gressett got his time in front of the judges next. His Showstoppers performance of “Come Together” by The Beatles was a “maybe” for the judges at first, but Tristen wound up getting a spot in the top 24, as well. Christian Guardino changed things up and tried to “push the envelope” with a performance of “Sex on Fire” for Showstoppers, while Dontrell Briggs sang a Lionel Richie classic, “Hello.” Song choice proved to matter in these cases, as Christian made it to the top 24 and Dontrell didn’t.

Another artist to step outside the box with song choice in Showstoppers was Noah Thompson. He sang “Stay” by Rihanna. The risky song choice paid off, and Noah made the top 24. Next, Cadence Baker sang “The Story” for Showstoppers. Katy urges Cadence to embrace her star power and stop having so much fear in the future — because she’s in the top 24.

Throughout Kelsie Dolin’s Idol journey, she’s struggled with confidence, but with some help from duet partner, Betty Maxwell, she discovered herself. During Showstoppers, Kelsie sang “Before You Go.” Unfortunately, she still wasn’t quite there, and did not get one of the top 24 spots, but she gained so much more from this journey! HunterGirl, who was a platinum ticket winner this season, left it all on the stage with her performance of “Girl Goin’ Nowhere.” Luke Bryan dubs her the “best country singer [he’s] heard.” Needless to say, HunterGirl got a coveted spot in the top 24.

kenedi anderson
Kenedi Anderson on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

The next two contestants in the spotlight were Sage and Danielle Finn, who went into the Final Judgement together. Danielle sang “Evergreen” during Showstoppers, and Katy admitted that it was her “worst” performance of the season.  Meanwhile, Sage performed “I Hate This” by Tenille Arts, and Katy said she “slayed it.” Despite Danielle getting some constructive criticism, she still made it through, and so did Sage.

Jordan Chase sang “Cold” by Chris Stapleton for Showstoppers. The judges didn’t feel like he was quite ready for the top 24 yet, though. However, his duet partner, Kenedi Anderson, who won a platinum ticket this season, did get her spot. The judges admitted that it wasn’t Kenedi’s best performance — she sang “Talking To The Moon” during Showstoppers — but they pushed her through to the top 24 regardless.

Next, Scarlet Ayliz, who struggled during Duets, performed “You Oughta Know” in Showstoppers. It was a redemption performance for Scarlet, who earned a spot in the top 24. Lady K also gave an incredible Showstoppers performance, singing “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Her talent and inspiring backstory helped her get that top 24 spot. The final artists of the night are Daniel Marshall and Dakota Hayden. Both guys are country singers, and the judges had them compete in another on-the-spot sing-off to earn the final spot in the top 24. This time, it was Daniel who got to go through, and Dakota was eliminated.

Who Is In The Top 24 Of ‘American Idol’ Season 20?

By the end of the episode, there were 24 contestants left who will now move on to sing for America’s votes on the upcoming April 10 episode. The full list of the top 24 contestants are: Leah Marlene, Jay Copeland, Nicolina Bozzo, Emyrson Flora, Katyrah Love, Fritz Hager, Jacob Moran, Allegra Miles, Cameron Whitcomb, Ava Maybee, Sir Blayke, Elli Rowe, Mike Parker, Tristen Gressett, Christian Guardino, Noah Thompson, Cadence Baker, HunterGirl, Danielle Finn, Sage, Kenedi Anderson, Scalret Ayliz, Lady K, and Daniel Marshall.

American Idol continues with another new episode on Sunday, April 10 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. The top 24 will sing for America’s votes for the first time.