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Shayne Murphy: 5 Things To Know About Eddie Murphy’s Daughter On ‘Claim To Fame’ (Exclusive Interview)

Another celebrity relative was revealed during the all-new episode of 'Claim To Fame,' and this time around, Shayne's identity was revealed.

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Shayne Murphy
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  • Shayne is Eddie Murphy’s daughter.
  • Shayne was eliminated during the July 17 episode.
  • Shayne is “so close” with her family.

The reveals on Claim To Fame are getting more epic each and every week. The drama was taken to a new level during the July 17 episode of the show, and another celebrity relative was sent home. This week, Shayne Murphy was eliminated.

Shayne Murphy
Shayne Murphy was one of the ‘Claim To Fame’ season 2 contestants. (ABC)

So, who is Shayne Murphy? The 28-year-old is the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Shayne about being Eddie Murphy’s daughter and that jaw-dropping guess-off.

Shayne is Eddie Murphy’s daughter.

Shayne is the daughter of Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy. She is the third of 5 children the couple had while they were married. Shayne has a total of 9 siblings.

Eddie is one of the most famous comedians and actors in the world with hits like Beverly Hills Cop, The Nutty Professor, and the Shrek movies under his belt. From a young, Shayne knew that her father was a Hollywood star.

“I think I’ve always had an idea that he was famous,” Shayne told HollywoodLife. “You’ll go to school, go to summer camp, and things like that with kids who know who your parents are. They know who your dad is, but you don’t know who their dad is, you know what I mean? I feel like that was a good indication when I was a kid, but I just don’t think I realized the level of esteem until I got a little bit older and started seeing how other comedians were just giving him his flowers and talking about the influence he’s had on their careers.”

Shayne was eliminated in the July 17 episode of Claim To Fame.

Cole was made the guesser in the July 17 edition of the show. He chose Shayne as his target, despite hinting around at knowing Carson’s identity. Cole ultimately guessed Shayne’s claim to fame correctly, resulting in her elimination.

“Going into that guess-off, it definitely wasn’t a reassuring position to be in,” Shayne said. “I had hope, obviously, because I think that’s all you really can have in that situation. I definitely had my reservations. Cole just wasn’t somebody I trusted in the house. I was trying to work with him for numbers, but ultimately, he wasn’t someone I trusted. So putting him in that position, I knew the risks that I guess were involved in that.”

Shayne is well aware that many people had an idea of her identity from the jump. “The first night people were saying Eddie Murphy. I was just not even expecting to go that far, honestly,” she admitted.

Shayne was a late addition to the cast.

“I’m so indecisive, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be doing the show until maybe like two days before we were scheduled to start filming,” Shayne admitted. She didn’t mention the show to her dad until that point. “He was I’m sure surprised. He’s very supportive of everything,” she noted.

Shayne Murphy
Shayne Murphy with Eddie Murphy and Bria Murphy in 2016. (American Foto Features / MEGA)

Shayne is all about family.

“Family is everything to me. I’m so close to my family,” Shayne told HollywoodLife. Shayne recently returned from a family trip to Hawaii. “We just love spending time together. I feel like just when the world gets too crazy my family can recharge me and center me and ground me,” she added.

Shayne appeared in several episodes of Hollywood Exes.

Shayne’s mom, Nicole, was one of the stars of Hollywood Exes, which aired for 3 seasons on VH1. Shayne is credited with having appeared in 8 episodes of the series.