Landon Heaton: 5 Things To Know About The Cattle Rancher Looking For Love On ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’

Landon Heaton is hoping to find everlasting love on 'Farmer Wants A Wife.' Here's what you need to know about this handsome cattle rancher.

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Landon Heaton
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  • Landon is one of the Farmer Wants A Wife suitors.
  • Landon is from Oklahoma.
  • Landon has a mechanical engineering degree.

Landon Heaton is one of the men of Farmer Wants A Wife, alongside Ryan Black, Allen Foster, and Hunter Grayson, who are looking for love. The 35-year-old is a man of the country, and he wants a potential wife who desires that as well. HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVE scoop about Landon straight from the cattle rancher himself.

Who is Landon Heaton? This Oklahoma native knows what he’s looking for in a woman. HollywoodLife has rounded up everything you need to know about Landon.

Landon Heaton
Landon Heaton is one of the suitors of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife.’ (FOX)

1. Landon is from Oklahoma.

Landon’s a Sooner at heart! He is a native of Alva, Oklahoma. He owns a massive 300-acre cattle ranch and has an additional 300 acres of farmland and 40 acres of farmland property, according to The Cinemaholic.

2. Landon has a mechanical engineering degree.

Landon attended Oklahoma State University and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. According to his LinkedIn, Landon is currently a mechanical engineer at Altus Intervention.

3. Landon has one dealbreaker when it comes to relationships.

For Landon, it’s smoking. It’s a non-negotiable for him. “There’s just a couple of things I won’t even give it a shot at. Smoking’s one of them,” Landon told HollywoodLife at the Farmer Wants A Wife premiere event in New York City.

Landon Heaton
Landon Heaton out on the ranch. (FOX)

4. Landon wants a woman he can “count on.”

Landon told HollywoodLife that he wants “dependability, consistency, and a partner in life. Someone who I can lean on during the bad day because in ranching we have a few of those.”

5. Landon “gave up” dating for a time.

“I gave up on dating just to throw myself into livestock and ranching and everything else. I gave them everything I had for a long time,” Landon revealed to HollywoodLife. He stressed that carrying about the animals on his ranch is “vital” to what he does for a living.

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