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Kirsten Elwin: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Big Brother’ Season 25 Contestant

Kirsten Elwin has dubbed herself a 'baddie with brains.' Get to know the 25-year-old 'Big Brother' season 25 houseguest as the season gets underway.

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Kirsten Elwin
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  • Kirsten is a molecular biologist.
  • Kirsten is a Big Brother season 25 houseguest.
  • Kirsten went to college at 17.

The 17 houseguests have moved into the Big Brother house, and the first eviction is on the horizon. Kirsten Elwin is one of the new contestants of season 25, and she’s got beauty and brains.

Kirsten Elwin
Kirsten Elwin is a ‘Big Brother’ season 25 houseguest. (CBS)

Kirsten is already on the chopping block right out of the gate. However, she’s determined to stay in the game by “any means possible.” Here’s what you need to know about Kirsten as the season continues.

Kirsten is a molecular biologist and more.

Kirsten went to college at 17 and studied cell and molecular biology. She now works as a molecular biologist. She revealed in the Big Brother season 25 premiere that she’s done a lot of cancer research which “caused the expansion of a major vaccine.” She’s also an active swimwear startup founder.

Kirsten became the second nominee for eviction during the premiere.

During the second competition of the premiere, set in the Humiliverse, Kirsten came in last place. This led to Kirsten becoming the second nominee for eviction. Jared Fields, Felicia Cannon, and Cory Wurtenberger are also nominees for eviction. While speaking to the camera during the 24/7 live feed, Kirsten promised to “make it through this situation that I kind of put myself in, to be honest. If it isn’t the consequences of my own actions. But I’m going to get off the block by any means possible, and I will be here next week 100 percent.”

Kirsten lives in Houston.

Kirsten is currently based in Houston, Texas. However, she’s originally from the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Kirsten Elwin
Kirsten Elwin in the ‘Big Brother’ season 25 premiere. (CBS)

Kirsten loves to travel.

When she’s not working, Kirsten is all about traveling. She’s visited her home country of Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago, and traveled across the Atlantic to Corsica for vacations.

Kirsten already has a plan if she wins Big Brother.

In her first visit to the Diary Room, as seen in The Exclusive with Sharon Tharp’s “First Impressions of the New Cast” video, Kirsten said she came to this country “chasing the American dream with my family.” She’s seen her family work and struggle over the years. “I think right now it’s more important to me to help those who are around me get to okay places and be able to live a happier and more comfortable life in America. So I definitely want to help my family members and some people overseas who don’t have some of the stuff that we have here.”