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Cory Wurtenberger: 5 Things To Know The ‘Big Brother’ Cast Member With A ‘Survivor’ Connection

Cory Wurtenberger is one of the 'Big Brother' season 25 houseguests, and he's one of two 'Survivor' relatives competing this season.

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Cory Wurtenberger
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  • Cory is the youngest Big Brother season 25 contestant.
  • Cory is the brother of a Survivor alum.
  • Cory is currently in college.

The 16 houseguests of Big Brother season 25 will be moving into the Big Brother house during the August 2 premiere, and one of the contestants isn’t even out of college yet. At just 21 years old, Cory Wurtenberger is the youngest contestant competing in season 25.

Cory Wurtenberger
Cory Wurtenberger is a ‘Big Brother’ season 25 contestant. (CBS)

Even though he’s a youngster, Cory has some training when it comes to being strategic. He’s also the second Wurtenberger to compete in a CBS reality series. HollywoodLife has 5 key things you need to know about Cory as season 25 unfolds.

Cory’s brother was on Survivor.

Cory is the younger brother of Survivor season 42 cast member Zach Wurtenberger. Zach was the first to be voted out of the game. Cory has his brother’s full support ahead of Big Brother season 25 getting underway.

“When a Wurtenberger turns 21, he embarks on his journey to the CBS studio lot,” Zach wrote on Instagram. “SO beyond proud of my brother for making his dream come true despite it seeming LITERALLY impossible. Seriously. This isn’t just a big deal, this is unprecedented. Tune into #BB25 this fall to watch him redeem the Wurtenberger name.”

He’s not the only relative of a Survivor alum competing in season 25. Jared Fields is the son of Survivor legend Cirie Fields.

Cory is in college.

Cory is currently a third-year student at Vanderbilt University. He is a double major in political science and communication studies, according to his LinkedIn. He’s also a senior editor for the Vanderbilt Political Review and president of the university’s forensics team.

Cory has a “straightforward” strategy when it comes to Big Brother.

Cory has already thought about how he’s going to play the game once he’s moved into the Big Brother house. Don’t underestimate Cory because of his age.

“I’m going to try to lower my threat level as much as I can,” he said in the Diary Room, which you can see in The Exclusive with Sharon Tharp’s “First Impressions of the New Cast” video. “That being said, try to win the first HOH. If it doesn’t happen, I’m entering full ‘I’m a child. Help. Lead me. What do I do? Where do I go? I don’t know how to do laundry. Do you know how to fold a shirt?’ Once I enter that mode, I think people will start looking at me as someone they can bring along as opposed to someone who is going to be this massive force they need to oppose.”

Cory works as a private coach.

Cory works for 3P Speech, a company offering private coaching for middle/high school speech and debate. For 5 years, Cory has worked as a private coach for high school speech. “Coaching through 3P allows me to, in a way,  give back to the community that I owe so much to. Oratory and Info are special events and I would love nothing more than to help people find their voices within them,” Cory wrote in his 3P Speech bio.

Cory is from Florida.

Cory was raised in Weston, Florida. When he’s attending Vanderbilt, he’s based in Nashville. In Cory’s free time, he loves “playing golf, hanging out with friends, and public speaking,” according to his Vanderbilt Political Review bio.