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Jevon King: 5 Things To Know About Model & Mother Of Diplo’s 3rd Child

Diplo's now a daddy of three! The DJ confirmed that he's the father of Jevon King's child, so get to know all about the beauty queen who gave birth to their bouncing, baby boy.

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Who Is Jevon King
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“Thanks for giving me life and helping me create it – the three strongest mothers in the world..,” Diplo, 41, posted on Mother’s Day (May 10) while sharing pictures of his ex Katheryn Lockhart and their two sons, Lazer, 6, and Lockett, 10. He also included a photo of Jevon King cradling her newborn son, Pace, confirming the months-long rumors that he was the father of her child. Diplo admitted that he was a “still a work in progress,” but blessed to have three “perfect beautiful boys.” So, who is the mother of the newest addition to Diplo’s family?

1. Jevon King’s a BOSS. Jevon King is a model and a beauty pageant queen. She famously represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss Universe pageant in 2014. The pageant was won by Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia. Though Jevon didn’t place in the 2014 competition, it didn’t stop her love of the beauty pageant circuit, as Newsweek reports that she worked as the deputy COO of the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Pageant in 2018. According to her social media page, she’s also a senior human resource administrator and a certified mediator.

2. Jevon became a mom in March. Jevon announced the arrival of Pace on Mar. 21, one day after he was born. She posted a simple image to her Instagram – a picture of the word “Pace” with a crown over the “P,” along with his birthdate.  She had revealed her pregnancy in October with a pair of glamorous photos. “I was so terrified of turning 30 this year! I kept looking at my life and second-guessing my accomplishment. I thought about my personal goals that I wanted to achieve but didn’t just yet. My mom would always tell me, ‘everything will fall into place when the time is right.’ Boy, oh boy, it did!” she wrote.

“Something about feeling you growing inside me makes me feel so complete. I love you so much already. I can’t wait to hold you, smell you, and be loved by you unconditionally. Usually, I turn up for my birthday, but this year is a different kind of turn up, we celebrate you!” she added.

Jevon King, on the far right (REX/Shutterstock)

3. She’s incredibly proud of her home country. “We’re very diverse,” Jevon King said of her home country in a 2015 interview posted to the Miss Universe YouTube page. “So many different cultures, so many different ethnicities.” She spoke about how Trinidad and Tobago celebrate every holiday – from Eid to Christmas. “It’s like we find an excuse to celebrate because we enjoy partying. That’s why we have our festival, Carnival, which includes a lot of partying, which leads up the parade of bands.”

4. She’s close to her family. “My mother and I, we have a very, very close relationship. We can talk [about] anything … my sister is two years younger than I am. We’re kind of like best friends. We play a lot. We laugh a lot,” she said in that 2015 Miss Universe interview. She also said she had a brother, who was seventeen at the time. “I love my family.”

5. It’s likely that she won’t see Diplo for a while. Trinidad and Tobago closed its borders in response to the COVID coronavirus, and the U.S. Embassy in Trinidad & Tobago said that those borders will remain closed until May 15. As to when Diplo will see his son, that remains uncertain. He recently revealed how he was socially distancing himself from his other sons, a move that “hurt,” but was the right thing to do.