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Jeffrey Marty: 5 Things To Know ABout Stacey Dash’s Husband Who She Allegedly Attacked

'Clueless' star turned conservative pundit Stacey Dash has been arrested for domestic violence against her fourth husband Jeffrey Marty. We've got five thing to know about the man she allegedly attacked.

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Stacey Dash
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Actress turned conservative political pundit Stacey Dash had to cool off behind bars after Pasco County, FL sheriff’s deputies took her to jail overnight following a Sept. 29 domestic violence arrest. The 51-year-old claims in a 911 call that her husband Jeffrey Marty put her in a chokehold after she argued with his 15-year-old daughter and pushed her and that she had visible marks around her neck. But he had scratch marks on his arms, so Stacey was the one who was arrested.  We’ve got five things to know about Jeffrey Marty.

1. Jeffrey is Stacey’s fourth husband. 

The pair secretly tied the knot in a Florida ceremony on April 6, 2018, reportedly just ten days after they met. She was previously married to actor Brian Lovell from 1999-2005, British millionaire James Maby from 2005-2006, and actor/producer Emmanuel Xuereb from 2007-2011.

2. Jeffrey is a lawyer.

He’s an attorney based out of Trinity, FL.

3. Like Stacey, Jeffrey is an avid Donald Trump supporter. 

Jeffrey uses his Twitter account to retweet many of the president’s tweets, especially ones about the “Fake News Media” and ones critical of his likely 2020 election opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. He also as Trump’s slogan “MAGA” in his Twitter bio.

4. Jeffrey claims to be deeply religious.

He uses Bible passages in tweets to criticize Democrats. The first words of his Twitter bio are “Saved by grace” and he retweets lines about “God’s love” from the account @_LoveLike_JESUS.

5. Jeffrey created a Twitter account of a fake Georgia congressman who was the first to support Trump’s presidential campaign. 

He created the account for Steven Smith, a congressional rep for GA’s 15th district, naming himself as lead intern. Jeffrey’s fake account went viral as the first U.S. congressman to support Trump’s 2016 run for the White House, even though Georgia doesn’t even have a 15th district. Even after Jeffrey was busted that Steven Smith doesn’t exist, the account is still active and he claims it’s a “parody,” but Jeffrey still uses it to bash Democrats and anyone critical of Donald Trump.