Izzy Gleicher: 5 Things To Know About The Professional Musician Competing On ‘Big Brother’

Izzy Gleicher is making moves in the 'Big Brother' house. Here's what you need to know about this talented contestant.

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Izzy Gleicher
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  • Izzy is a New Yorker.
  • Izzy is queer.
  • Izzy is a professional flutist.

The 17 Big Brother season 25 houseguests have moved in and are already forming alliances. Izzy Gleicher, whose full name is Isabelle Lepanto Gleicher, has her eyes on the prize. She’s already got a competitive eye being a professional flute player. 

Izzy Gleicher
Izzy Gleicher is a ‘Big Brother’ season 25 contestant. (CBS)

So, who is Izzy Gleicher? This 32-year-old New Yorker certainly knows what it takes to go the distance in a competition. From her relationship status to what exactly she knows about Cirie and Jared Fields, get up to speed on all things Izzy.

Izzy is one of the “best flute players” in New York City.

Izzy is a born and raised New Yorker. “I’m one of the best flute players in this city,” she said in her Big Brother season 25 introduction. “I got my master’s degree in flute performance from the Yale School of Music. Being a professional flute player is super competitive. Lots of people play the flute out there.”

Izzy is in a relationship.

Izzy is dating a woman named Paige Seber. They’ve been in a relationship for 4 years. “It took me a long time to figure out who I was, but now I feel like I get queerer and stronger and prouder every day,” Izzy gushed in her introduction.

Izzy is a Survivor fan.

Izzy’s girlfriend, Paige, who is now running Izzy’s Instagram account, confirmed that Izzy watched Survivor prior to Big Brother. “What did you think Izzy was doing for all those years before she binged the entire BB canon 19 times in 3 days?? She was watching Survivor,” Paige captioned an Instagram screenshot of Izzy with Jared. Jared’s mom is Survivor legend Cirie, who became the 17th houseguest. Fans believe Izzy knows that Jared is Cirie’s son.

Izzy performed in a Tiny Desk concert.

Everyone loves a Tiny Desk concert. Izzy was one of the 14 musicians who performed with the music ensemble Wild Up in a June 23 Tiny Desk concert. Somehow they all fit!

Izzy has been a teacher.

Izzy has been an educator across the country. For one year, Izzy was a teaching artist for third grade with New York Philharmonic Education, according to her official bio. She’s also taught flute and chamber music master classes and workshops at several colleges, including Florida State University.