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Cirie Fields: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Legend Who Joined ‘Big Brother’ Season 25

Surprise! Cirie Fields became the 17th houseguest of 'Big Brother' season 25 and will be competing alongside her son. Find out more about Cirie here.

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Cirie Fields
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  • Cirie Fields is a four-time Survivor player.
  • Cirie is the first Survivor player to go on to play Big Brother.
  • Her son Jared is on Big Brother season 25.

Cirie Fields is one of the most popular people to ever play Survivor. With four seasons under her belt, Cirie is so beloved by the fans and is widely regarded as one of the best players to never win. She’s come close to winning several times, but she’s never been able to pull it out. Her son, Jared Fields, is competing in Big Brother season 25 — and now she’s part of the cast, too!

Cirie was announced as a Big Brother season 25 houseguest during the August 2 premiere. “Surprise, guess who’s back? It is me, Cirie, from Survivor seasons 12, 16, 20, and 34. If you don’t know me, you’re about to get to know me on Big Brother,” Cirie said in a video post on the Big Brother Twitter page. This twist sets up a truly wild season of Big Brother. Here’s everything you need to know about Cirie.

Cirie has played Survivor four times.

When Cirie made her debut on Survivor: Panama (season 12), she had no experience with being outdoors or in the wild. Her social game helped her reach the finale, with a fourth-place finish, and she gained major respect from Jeff Probst for being the “woman who got off the couch.” She returned for season 16, Survivor: Micronesia or Fans vs. Favorites. This time, she made it all the way to third place before getting the boot by her allies. On season 20’s Heroes vs. Villains, the veteran players realized how dangerous Cirie’s strategic game was, and voted her out fourth. She returned for her fourth season, Survivor: Game Changers, in 2017, and made a deep run again, finishing in sixth place. Cirie is considered one of the best Survivor players to never win.

She won The Traitors.

Cirie finally got her win in reality tv on Peacock’s The Traitors in 2023. Cirie was one of the “Traitors” and she managed to manipulate all the “Faithfuls” to win the first season of the show. She won the $250,000 grand prize. Before the show premiered, Cirie told HollywoodLife that she didn’t make an alliance with her fellow Survivor alum Stephenie Lagrossa Kendrick and Big Brother alums Rachel Reilly and Cody Calafiore.

Cirie Fields
Cirie Fields became the 17th houseguest of ‘Big Brother’ season 25. (CBS)

“There was no talk of any such alliance,” Cirie explained. “I would’ve aligned with Rachel, and she could be a Traitor. I could align with Stephenie, even though I love her, and she could be the Traitor. It was more a game of trying to identify any clues of who is a Traitor. Or try to identify any clues of someone that could potentially be a Faithful.”

She’s a nurse.

After growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey, Cirie attended St. Francis Nursing School in Pennsylvania and got her nursing degree. Her jobs through the years have included: Surgical technician, home health aid, and telemarketing. Her last known job was at Norwalk Hospital’s Operating Room in Connecticut, serving as a clinical coordinator.

She has three sons.

Throughout all her experiences on Survivor, Cirie has always been clear that she wants to make her family proud. Cirie is married to her husband Clarencio (H.B) and has three kids from a previous marriage. Her youngest son, Jared, was her family member visit during Survivor: Game Changers. Jared is also one of the 16 houseguests competing on season 25 of Big Brother. Jared said before the game that he doesn’t plan to tell the other houseguests who his mom is.

Her time on Survivor led to an acting gig.

Although Cirie didn’t turn to a career in entertainment full-time after Survivor, she did appear on an episode of the soap opera Guiding Light and even served as a Top 10 presenter on the Late Show With David Letterman in 2010.