Heather Aldret: 5 Things To Know About The Stay-At-Home Mom In The ‘Survivor’ Finale

There are just five contestants left competing for $1 million on season 41 of 'Survivor,' and one of them is Heather Aldret, who has flown under the radar to make it to the show's finale.

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Heather Aldret, 52, is one of five players left on season 41 of Survivor, and we’ll find out if she’s the winner of the $1 million prize during the Dec. 15 finale. Although Heather is not the best at challenges, she got a good start on the show by being part of the dominant Luvu tribe. By the merge, they had majority numbers, and Heather was able to fly under the radar due to the fact that she was not a threat.

Over the next several votes, the players eliminated some of the stronger targets, like Shan Smith, who were a bigger threat to win. Heather found herself on the right side of most of those votes, and has formed a tight alliance with fellow Luvu female, Erika Casupanan. However, she has been criticized for not making enough big moves to earn the title of Sole Survivor. It all comes down to what happens in the final episode, though, and there’s a lot of gameplay left! Learn more about Heather here:

heather aldret
Heather Aldret on season 41 of ‘Survivor.’ (CBS)

1. Where Is Heather From?

Heather is a proud stay-at-home mom. She resides in Charleston, South Carolina, and grew up nearby in Columbia, South Carolina, as well. Even though she doesn’t work a full-time job, Heather enjoys hobbies like painting, exploring, tennis, and pickleball.

2. How Many Kids Does Heather Have?

Heather has two daughters, who she describes as “strong, courageous and kind.” In her CBS bio, she said she’s confident that the women who her daughters are becoming is “undoubtedly going to be [her] absolutely best accomplishment.” At the time that Heather started her Survivor journey, her daughters were 12 and 15. Heather and her husband have been together for more than 20 years. She has posted photos with both her daughters and her husband on social media.

3. What Was Heather’s Job?

Heather hasn’t always been a stay at home mom. She began her career as an elementary school teacher. Then, for about ten years, she flipped houses. “[I did] all the work myself except for new electric and roofing,” Heather proudly told Parade magazine. She revealed that her life as a stay-at-home mom began just three years before she went on Survivor.

4. Heather Is Comfortable In The Outdoors

Even though she may not look like it, Heather was not afraid to live in the wild on Survivor, and she admitted that this was something that people might have underestimated about her. “I grew up in a creek,” she told Parade. “I’ve fished, I’ve craved and I’ve lived in the marsh most of my childhood summers. I know how to do those things. I know how to clean the fish. I know how to do a lot of things that I think when someone looks at me, they wouldn’t think that I would know how to do those things.”

heather aldret
Heather Aldret at tribal council on ‘Survivor.’ (CBS)

5. Heather Is An Only Child

Heather has no siblings of her own. In fact, she told Parade that she comes from a “very broken family” and had to “take care of [herself]” and make her “own way” during her childhood. “I feel that has prepared me [for Survivor] because I’ve learned all my lessons on my own,” she admitted. “And I have learned to trust my gut.”

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