Hana Kimura: 5 Things To Know About Wrestler & ‘Terrace House’ Star Dead At 22

Japanese wrestler and reality star Hana Kimura's passing was sadly confirmed on May 22 shortly after she posted a series of troubling tweets and an Instagram post that read, 'goodbye'. Here are five things you should know about her.

Hana Kimura
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Image Credit: Courtesy of YouTube

Hana Kimura, 22, a professional Japanese wrestler and one of the cast members of the Netflix Japanese reality show Terrace House, died on May 22, according to Stardom Wrestling, the organization she was a part of. Although the beloved star’s cause of death is currently unknown, news of her heartbreaking passing comes just hours after she took to Instagram to post some photos with her cat and the word “goodbye” in Japanese captioned over one of them. Some fans also claim she posted disturbing now-deleted self-harm photos around the same time. Stardom Wrestling confirmed the tragic news with a statement in a tweet. “Stardom fans, We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away,” the statement read. “Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends. We appreciate your support during this difficult time.”

Here are five things you should know about Hana and the career that led to her success.

1.) In recent tweets before her death, she posted about being cyber-bullied. According to one fan, the tweets, which were in Japanese, talked about how she didn’t “want to be a human anymore” and one of them translated to, “Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry.”

2.) She followed in her mother’s footsteps with wrestling. Her mother, Kyoko Kimura was also a professional wrestler and Hana proved she learned from the best when she went on to make quite an impression in the wrestling world. She made her debut at Wrestle-1 in 2016 and won her first title, the JWP Junior Championship, later the same year. She eventually left Wrestle-1 to wrestle with Stardom, where she led the Tokyo Cyber Squad faction, in 2019 and won the Artist of Stardom championship twice as well as a Goddess of Stardom championship.

3.) She was still a part of Terrace House at the time of her death. She joined in the series’ 20th episode of this season before Netflix halted production earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show follows six young adults living in the same house together.

4.) Soon after news of her passing went public, many people in the wrestling community shared tribute posts. “Distraught,” wrestler Jamie Hayter wrote in a tweet. “I don’t even know what to say or feel. Numb. I can’t express it. RIP Hana Kimura. Such a wonderful human being. The gaijin helper. All the potential. A beautiful soul. Kind. I just can’t even put in to f—ing words how upsetting this is. I hope you found peace.”

Wrestler Sü Yüng also posted a tweet that read, “I will always love and miss you, my friend. You are my little sister. The Swanns send our love and condolences to Hana Kimura, her family, and loved ones. I will never forget you. So much I want to say… my heart is broken.”

5.) She was known for her pink hair and fun-loving brightly-colored wardrobe. The young star would wear bodysuits full of neon pink, green, blue and more inside the ring and would also wear similar T-shirts and other types of clothing outside of the ring. She often posted pics of herself wearing these clothing choices on her social media pages.

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