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Chayce Beckham: Where Is He Now After Winning ‘American Idol’ Season 19?

Chayce Beckham was crowned the winner of season 19 of 'American Idol' back in 2021. Here's the latest on his music career and more post-'Idol.'

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Less than one year after Chayce Beckham won American Idol, the rising country star has released his very first EP. On April 15, Chayce dropped a six-track record called Doin’ It Right. He then returned to the American Idol stage on April 17 to perform the EP’s title track. Chayce wasted no time getting out there after his win on the competition show, and he has a lot to show for it!

So, what is Chayce doing now?  Here’s the latest on all things Chayce.

Chayce Beckham
Chayce Beckham was crowned the winner of ‘American Idol’ season 19. (ABC)

1. Chayce won ‘American Idol’ season 19.

First things first. Chayce became the new American Idol champion after an incredible finale event in May 2021. He beat out Willie Spence and Grace Kinstler. After he won, Chayce posted a heartfelt note on Instagram.

“I still can’t believe this, and I’m so excited to start this next chapter of my life and give you guys my all through my music,” he wrote.  This is only the beginning of a long journey for me. This could have gone literally any way and I want to say what an honor it was to perform with @gracekinstlerofficial and @williespenceofficial on the stage so many times and I’ll cherish the moments and bonds we created forever. I’m so proud of all of us. We are all winners here. Cheers to a great season, all of my love to y’all.”

2. Chayce has a song with Lindsay Ell. 

Chayce teamed up with country artist Lindsay Ell for the romantic duet “Can’t Do Without Me.” The song was released in 2021. Chayce and Lindsay eventually released the music video in February 2022.

“’Can’t Do Without Me’ is about everyday people, the people who complete them and how strong the urge is to be with them again,” Chayce told CMT. “The video for it captures that feeling perfectly as two people race down the road, eager to get to the spot where they can finally be together and feel all the feels they’ve been thinking about all day.”

3. Chayce is on tour. 

Chayce is already making a name for himself in the country music scene. He’s been consistently touring throughout 2022, and has concert dates throughout the United States in 2022. He will also be opening for Luke Combs on his Canadian dates in March 2022

4. Chayce worked as a heavy machinery operator before ‘Idol.’

Chayce gave fans a glimpse into his work during his American Idol audition. “I’ve been working for this company going on three years,” he said. “We rent out pretty much everything that has to do with construction. I kind of get to live out every little kid’s dream. I get to play with giant Tonka trucks all day!” Footage showed him operating one of the machines, as well.

Chayce Beckham
Chayce Beckham performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

5. Chayce is extremely close with his family.

Chayce credits his family and music with getting him through his darkest times. “I got pushed a lot by my parents and family [to be on American Idol],” he admitted. “They’ve been pushing me to do this stuff.” He added, “Without my family, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this. I told my mom the other day, ‘I owe you guys big time,’ and she said, ‘You don’t owe us anything, that’s what family’s for.'” Chayce also said that music was “always there” for him when “everything else was bad” in his life. “It would kind of keep me grounded at all times,” he revealed. “For me, it’s everything.”