Brian Echard: Everything To Know About Clayton’s Dad Who Appears on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

After falling in love with three women on 'The Bachelor,' Clayton Echard gets some tough love from his dad in a sneak peek at the upcoming March 14 finale.

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Clayton Echard has a lot to deal with during the two part finale of The Bachelor, and his parents are in town to help him through the difficult decisions he still has to make. Clayton sent Susie Evans home during the March 7 episode because she didn’t want to move forward after Clayton was admittedly also in love with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. In a sneak peek at the March 14 episode, Clayton explains this situation to his parents, and his dad, Brian Echard, doesn’t mince words while reacting.

“They don’t want to be second or third. They want to be first, and you made a choice, wrongly,” Brian said. “I think you’ve gotta step back and say they have a right to be upset with you. You put yourself in this situation and circumstance. You screwed the pooch, in my opinion.” Learn more about Brian below.

1. Who Are Clayton Echard’s Parents?

Clayton’s parents are Brian Echard and Kelly Echard. Clayton and his brothers were raised by Brian and Kelly in Eureka, Missouri. The proud parents still live in Missouri today and have been married for nearly 30 years.

2. What Does Clayton’s Dad Do?

Brian Echard is a Sales Engineer for Power Motion Sales Inc. in Missouri. He has been in that position since August, 2012, according to his LinkedIn. Before that, he worked as a Sales Manager at the same company for nearly 14 years. Brian began his professional career after graduating from Ohio State University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has also worked for Thermo-O-Disc, McGill and White-Rodgers.

clayton echard
Clayton Echard on season 26 of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

3. How Many Kids Do Clayton’s Parents Have?

Kelly and Brian have three kids in total, as Clayton has two brothers, Nate Echard and Patrick Echard. On the Women Tell All special for this season of The Bachelor, one of Clayton’s exes from the show, Teddi Wright, claimed that one of Clayton’s brothers slid into her DMs. She said she did not answer the message. Teddi didn’t specify which brother wrote the message, but after the episode aired, Clayton revealed that both guys were “vehemently denying” that they were the one to do it. Clayton is the oldest brother in the family, and he lives with Nate in Scottsdale, Arizona. Patrick, the youngest brother, lives in Oregon.

4. How Old Is Clayton’s Dad?

On March 24, 2020, Clayton posted on Instagram that his dad was celebrating his 57th birthday. That makes Brian just days away from turning 59.

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